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It is a very safe neighborhood and crimes are very minimal.
Relaxed living by the beach, very friendly people, great atmosphere
I did not hear about many major crimes occurring within my immediate area. I frequently saw police roaming the streets, keeping watch on the community.
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It was very laid-back by the beach and uptight downtown. I would rather not live here because of the constant sunny and 75 type weather as well as the people. In my experience, the people are quite rude until they get to know you and they are horrible drivers. I now live in Colorado and like it so much better. San Diego may be great for some, but it is definitely not the city for me.
It's very calm and relaxed, and I would live here again in a heartbeat.
It is a very safe neighborhood, and people are not afraid to look out for each other.
People are so friendly, and the area is very clean and alluring. San Diego also has amazing sunny weather.
Because of the beach, there are a fair amount of homeless, but nothing you can't live with.
The community watches out for everyone and the local church helps as well.
Close to the water and to Mitch's, a small San Diego gem.
The police need to enforce the rules to ALL citizens, homless and homeowner alike, not just let the homeless get away with illegal activities because they cant get money out of them. Otherwise its decent living.
The people are relax and nice
I love living in the city of San Diego. For example, I briefly moved to Paris, France to study abroad for my freshman year of college. After moving, I realized not only how beautiful Point Loma and San Diego are, but also noticed the sense of camaraderie and community that San Diego offers. This is partly owing to the mix between Mexican and Spanish culture as well as the genuinely loving attitudes that fill San Diego.
Hands down, San Diego has the best food around.
I just received a civil engineering internship and I love it. It also pays which is awesome. If you look and try hard enough, you can find good jobs in San Diego.
Local businesses in Ocean Beach are pretty great in general. There is a lot of surf shops that all offer different things and they also all have good prices. I like to shop local rather than big business.
It's a great place for physical activity
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It's San Diego-the weather is amazing year round.
The food in this area is always amazing.
I work three jobs, but I don't love any of them. It's a college area with a lot of part time workers.