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The cost of the houses are a little above of what they should be. The interior quality is average but the external quality is not clean.
My neighbors are polite and greet me once in a while. The community has never disrespected me, everyone just stays in their own area.
In my area we have got our house vandalised twice ever since we moved in therefore, I am very concered about my area. The polices are only about five minutes away from the house which makes it feel safe but they are not always available when needed.
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I would not live there again due to the fact that it is not very decent looking. Once I have a great job, I would like to live in the nicer areas.
It is an impoverished area that is need of several thousands of dollars worth in help. There is many ares where improvement is necessary.
The employment in this area is competitive. People are constantly seeking employment in this area.
The local business in this area is fairly. acceptable. i have zero complaints about the business
The weather hasn't exactly been crazy here, so I can't say much, but there has been quite a few problems with snow/ice storms and that's about as problematic as it gets at this time.
There really isn't popular or unique restaurants around this are, but there is quite a few affordable and decent restaurants that are family friendly and good for a night out with friends.
The employment in this area is basically subjective. Many people can apply and possibly get a job, but it most likely wont be the one they want or like. Although the pay may be decent, most companies around here don't exactly pay high salaries to employees.
It affects me in they way I get to school, waiting for public transportation during cold winters and hot summers is unpleasant
The more important issues that were about immigration and gay rights
Allot of the businesses believe in aecond chances to convicts giving everuome an opportunity depending how you carry yourself.
There is always an option when it comes to needs and wants. There is always a close source near you containing what you need.
We have a variety of foods of any kind. The area is diveraitized and shows throughout the places and events.
The Dallas area has allot of historical, artistic, in unique attractions. However, crime rates are so high that it scares tourist. They do have events for every holiday whether its a parade or a community gathering in which everyone is invited free of charge. When we do get together it is a beautiful site because its like one big family.