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The families are great. Very welcoming. And it's a nice suburban neighborhood where the residents really feel safe.
I would like to see more family friendly and affordable activities in the neighborhood. I would also like to see affordable or free sports programs in the neighborhood.
It's bad in these sense when there is severe winds or severe snow storms, there is the possibility of trees falling down on cars, sidewalks and houses.
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There was an instance where a local laundromat owner made an offensive, racist comment towards my mother. Other than that most are accepting. There are clashes between people of color and whites.
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else because I don't know if I would be in an area that has a vast amount of public transportation or local services. I wish that there were more local restaurants and local shopping stores (ex. boutiques).
while they are opening up a Macy's around my house, everyone who I know that lives near me applies in the city. There are few to none job opportunities for college students.
There are couple of deli's around my house. However only 1 is ridiculously expensive despite it being a family owned restaurant. It is unfair because they have better selections but have prices resembling huge supermarkets.
Similar to my response before, the park in front of my house has lanes where bicyclists ride on or runners. The natural scenery is beautiful to look at while running.
Right in front of my house there is a huge stretch of land with just pure trees and rocks. Down 10 blocks there is a park with swings and such. The park right in front of my house kept clean most of the time since families 90% of the time are in them when the weather is nice.
I have mixed feelings about the houses and utilities cost. There are beautiful houses here but the nicest houses are truly not affordable for low/middle - middle income families. They are only affordable for higher middle income families.
My favorite place to eat would be a local pizza place that I have gone too since I moved here when I was 9. The owners are really nice and the pizza is affordable.
Like I previously said, it is a family oriented community. While there are only bike lanes inside the park, the neighborhood is not that populated where the bicyclists have to worry. There is always parking available and the level of walkability is great. There are 3 major buses right in front of my house and a couple blocks down there are 2 more. There are 3 trains accessible. the only highly congested area is right in front of house because of major intersections and because it is a corner house.
The community is a family community. It is safe and because everything is accessible walking, there is alot of interaction. However, where I live is mostly older people. People my age do not live in my neighborhood so its kinda hard to make friends.
The only attraction near me that is famous is the Bronx Zoo. As for as attractions and animals observes goes, it is fantastic. It is interactive and fun. It is a perfect location for families. However, the only reason I rate it as "It's Bad" is because of the price. One person is $35+, which is completely ridiculous. There aren't any student fees.
A genuine aspect of my neighborhood I admire is how accessible the local fire/police stations are. The local fire station is right around the corner of my house and the police station is 2 shorts blocks north. There are 3 huge hospitals (Jacobi, Montefiore and Albert Enstein). However, the hospitals are not up to par. The allotted waiting period is ridiculous. Not to mention the fees included despite only seeing a physician for a short amount of time. Because all these major services are near each other, its never truly quiet. As for public transportation, one bus in particular is inconsistent. I am not too familiar with local representatives/state reps/governors/etc.
Good maintenance after public disasters could be a bit better, since downed trees and downed power lines happen a lot
Not very diverse, but friendly, calm people all around.
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Everyone likes to maintain a clean community and generally recycle.
A lot of the neccesary local businesses are near by and used frequently.
Very few open areas, but the ones that do exist in this area aren't too bad.