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What I like About Pelham Bay Is the big park they have, and he respect the people offer to others. What id like to change is noting. Its just perfect!
I like it cause it's a great area also very quite area to live the Food & pastry shops are very good also parks are nice to go to with kids the real estates renting are a little pricey overall I like the area
I have lived here since I was 6 years old and haven't had much bad experiences. The areas here are pretty normal and quiet. I went to school here and am still a current resident of the area. Transportation and traveling is not bad at all. The only thing I can say gives a hard time in the neighborhood is skunks, possums, raccoons, and many cats coming around. It gets worse at night but other than that, its a pretty average neighborhood to live in.
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I love the warm surburban community feel that Pelham bay has to offer families. It would be nice to see more gardens around the areas or more group supporting the movement of fresh food and ways to help.
I've lived here all of my life and have had no bad experiences. It's a normal life and it depends on where you live, the areas are quiet. I went to a nice school and had no problems. An only thing is a number of rodents that come around. There are raccoons, opossums, skunks and several cats. other than that, it's pretty average.
Pelham Bay is an awesome place to reside. There are tons of buildings, varyings in sizes, shapes, and color. Therefore, choosing a place to reside should be easy. There is a local shopping center nearby and restaurants. All these stores and places are very convenient. Due to this, you will not have to walk far. Also, transportation is very accessible, making traveling trouble-free.
Very quiet area as well as family orientated. next to many different transportations which make traveling to work and school super easy. many amenities around the neighborhood, nail salons, hair salons, markets, pharmecies, restaurants, local stores. nightlife isn't all that as there are only two night spots to really go to (hookah lounge and bar.)
I think the places are great.
People are nice but I like staying inside.
Crime is unheard of and I feel safe here.
This neighborhood is a bit suburban and quite tranquil. The local public school was great but it's getting overcrowded. Minority families keep moving in and that has changed the demographics. Home values are getting more expensive
It a place where people take pride in their street block and want to keep it clean
Crime isn't visible and if there is, its some type of minor violation.
I grew up in the South Bronx and this part of the Bronx where I reside now its the opposite to where I grew up and I mean better.
I love where I live, it's calm and a bunch of friendly people live where I am. I couldn't think of living anywhere else because this area matches my personality. From where I live, I have to travel to Manhattan and the differences from how people act are insane. There is an attitude difference as well as a speed difference that I had to catch onto in order to make it to classes. I used to be so slow because my neighborhood had a calming vibe to it, but in Manhattan is just so fast I needed to adjust my speed accordingly. In any case, I'll choose my area any day and I don't see it changing much besides different stores popping up to replace old one, but too drastic.
The people are generally nice but often keep to themselves. It's a good neighbor hood though. There are nearby stores although not with all the necessities. There is access to public transportation and though its not the best it gets you where you need to go.
The weather is pretty decent. Sunny, cloudy, rainy. We sometimes experience harsher storms which cause trees to fall, or flooding since we're located pretty close to water.
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Our biggest attraction is Pelham Bay Park. There is also a beach nearby. The summers here are crowded with people barbecuing. There often isn't much parking during this time. There are also two annual street fairs in the summer. We also attract a lot of people due to the many forms of transporting around the city from our neighborhood.
No community is perfect. There are some downsides to living here, but I love the culture and variety here. It's so easy to go out and do something. It's easy to meet new people and have a good time.
There's a train station, many bus stops, and a major highway in my area. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic during the day and the highway is usually full, but the local streets are decent and sometimes are even empty.