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Peccole is a hidden gem in the WestSide of Las Vegas. Can you say LOCATION, location, LOCATION. Very nicely kept up. Peccole is a sister property of Queens Ridge. They use the same landscaping company and crew that Queens Ridge uses.

The walkway path. Very family oriented, tennis courts, community club house available for private parties. Don’t believe be? Park and take a walk in their walk ways and you’ll see that everyone is very respectful, friendly and with great manners. Welcome home.
I love my location and the availability of different types of places around me. I could easily walk to the grocery store or the library within ten to fifteen minutes. The community hosts monthly events that allow residents to interact with each other such as movie night or garage sales. Overall, it is a very safe community with a wide range of shops and people around.
Peccole Ranch is a nice neighborhood. It is also dog friendly, with nice walkway paths, called the "green belt". The neighborhood is also very clean and sanitary, with water fountains, and poop clean-up stations lining the green belt to ensure sanitation. Traffic control is sufficient - during school hours, safety guards regulate traffic and walk children across the street. The streets are wide and clean. Speed limits are reasonable. There are no safety issues with traffic. In addition, security patrol guards regularly patrol the neighborhood to ensure safety. One complaint I have, however, is with the yard sale regulations. Yard sales are, I believe, held once a year, or semi-annually, as one community event. This is a restriction on freedom as well as an inconvenience.
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Some populous area are left completely dark. It seems like we have all of this road construction going on yet it looks like nothing is getting done. The construction always lasts longer than you expect it. On a specific side of town, the roads are rougher than the other side of town and there are huge dips in the roads whereas on the other side there are not.
I try to stay positive and I love my city. Although our city is beautiful from the outside looking in, some obvious issues are not being fixed.
I love living in this area, I feel very safe and I live in a very affordable neighborhood.
My neighbors are very nice and I've met some wonderful people in my neighborhood, the only people that I found were a little rude and skewed were people who were visiting and didn't live in this area.
I never see the police, but the crime rate in this area is low so I don't see it as an issue.
There is rarely ever any crime in this area and everyone in general is super nice or minds their own business, the only thing I would like to see differently are better timed traffic lights.
It's a great area to live in, as it seems quite peaceful. I would choose to live here again if I could do it all over.
A lot of people in this area, especially teens, seem to find jobs they like working in grocery stores, retail stores. A lot of the adults up her have high praying jobs working in law offices, dentists, and other profitable businesses like that.
The local businesses are fairly decent. A lot of them are newer so they are of nice quality. We also have healthier stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts that are pretty popular with the public. We also have a new shopping center, Downtown Summerlin, which has a lot of brand new retail stores as well as restaurants.
The weather here is beautiful. It's pretty much always sunny with a clear sky. Yes, it hot, but I'd much rather have that over -30 degree weather!
Oh my favorite part-the food! The food here is excellent. There's so many choices and unique restaurants that I had never even heard of before living here. In&Out Burger is definitely my favorite though. I'm a sucker for a delicious burger and malt.
I mean it's Vegas, it's perfect for tourism!
The outdoors here are great! As much as I'd love for there to be more bodies of water in the area, I think I have to just face the fact that I do live in the desert. However, the mountains are beautiful, especially if you can climb to the top and see the view!
There are so many businesses and retail shops here that for me, at 20 years old, it's very easy to find a job that I love. A lot of people work at the hotels and work their way up there, which is what I hope to do very soon.
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Like I said before, it's a melting pot from people all of the country. The people I've met have lived here a few years, but came from somewhere else, so they're all very welcoming. There's a lot of events going on. For example, every first Friday of the month there's a huge art fair type of thing that a lot of people seem to love going to.
The people I've met here are some of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met. Quick story: We drove here from Minnesota, and the night we got here my mom and I went to the grocery store to get a few groceries that I was craving because I had been living off fast food for the last three days. When we got in line, the lady in front of me was struggling to get some stuff out of the bottom of her cart and onto the conveyer belt, so I helped her out. When it was our turn to pay for our stuff, not only did that lady offer to pay for our groceries, but she gave me $20 to go shopping and explore the area with. She told us she can spot a new person in the area easily because it's like a melting pot here, and everyone has been new at some point. I hadn't even lived here for an hour and was already given the hope I needed to try this new adventure.

So, that's what the people are like here. Absolutely amazing.
Every house I've seen here has been super unique from the inside to the outside. As of right now, there are a lot of vacant properties which is a little weird to see, but I feel like it's getting better.