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Pecan Springs-Springdale Reviews

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It’s Ehh overall but it’s still a place to live, some areas are good some aren’t well to live by in my opinion. Others may say different.
The neighborhood has done a great job with this
Nice area of town and close to downtown
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There hasnt been any criminal activity in the neighborhood since ive lived there.
Ive lived in the area my whole life and i wouldnt want to live anywhere else.
Austin has a good atmosphere, but it's changed since I grew it. It's geared more towards college students, hipsters, and other youngsters, which isn't that much of a bad thing. But at the same time, it's made downtown a mess. Neighborhoods can be crowded, neighbor quality and friendliness has gone down, and there's a lot to be improved. Other than that, the downtown and lake side life is nice, and there are some great places to shop, hang out, and have fun for all ages.
There are a variety of businesses in our area but there is room for improvement.
The food selection in my area is good, but could be better.
I love my community, it is growing and becoming very chic.
The neighborhood is pretty mixed, you have people exercise and eat healthy regularly. On the other hand you have those who can't afford to, those who use drugs and abuse alcohol.