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My grandmother bought this house in 1990, when I was just fice years old. I have lived here off and on since then. The people are friendly, and there isn't much crime considering we are centrally located.
The atmosphere isn't the best, crime really is not a issue like it use to be but I think it could be safer with neighborhood watch.
My parents don't let me work because i have to focus in school first, but the one who i see struggling alot is my dad. He usually goes around looking for a better job because jobs now a days are really difficult to find and because they don't pay good.
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There is not alot of crime around this neighborhood and if there is we don't put attention to it since it doesn't impact us. We too focused in school that we hardly put attention to anything outside school.
There is not alot of gyms around here, the ones that appear the most are the parks. Those are the places where I see a bunch of people doing their daily exercises. They are either running, jogging or walking and they have swings and a special place for them to do push-ups and all that stuff.
There is a bunch of fast food restaurants around, but the ones that attract me the most are the little buses that sell Mexican food. Gorditas, tortas, quesadillas, enchiladas, sopes, tacos and a bunch of other Mexican food is the best.
Is all good for all businesses.
Great, every house is unique.
Is good, sometimes some crimes but not bad.
There are many stores here that are in great business. For example, stores like H-E-B in my neighborhood is doing extremely well, it is always busy and everyone can get what they need there. Even the family owned businesses do well here like a local restaurant called Spanky's. Being there a few times, I always recall that it is almost always a full house and the customers always seemed satisfied with their meal.
The are plenty of jobs dealing with construction, education, engineering, and many more.
If you like sun you'll love this area. We do also have our rainy seasons and we have to be careful with hurricanes but we are prepared.
The city is growing so there are many jobshowever they are not near to this area so most people have to travel at least 10-15 miles, which isn't too bad.
The biggest thing we are missing are fitness centers...there's definitely a need.
Since our neighborhood is predominiately Hispanic immigrants, they are deeply unsatisfied with immigration reform.
There is more traffic since this area is growing so that means also more accidents, construction, and potholes.
Things are definitely getting better in all areas. This area is definitely growing.
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The mayor passed a new initiative and our neighborhood was selected to participate in recycling so the majority of the neighborhood does.
I think it's a cultural genetic issue...people tend to suffer from diabetes and also struggle with their weight. The parks are always full of people excercising and playing sports so I think people lack a proper diet often times.
It is getting better...I'm not sure how to qualify the grafitti because some is considered art therefore it's hard to say. There is a heavy police presence and as I mentioned neighbors tend to look out for each other.