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Lot of trendy shops and entertainment. Excellent culture such as museums and Art galleries, but there is also a lot of homeless on every street corner. The homeless situation is so bad that you literally have to step over someone sleeping on the curb. They're not dangerous, mostly just asking for spare change or a cigarette. Most of the time they're just sleep or passed out. The sight of people in dire straits in a country with so much wealth is rather depressing and sad. The cost of living is extremely high compared to the rest of the greater Portland area. So while there is a lot of fun things to do, It takes a lot of money to partake in such activities. Great nightlife and bars that are all in close proximity, no need for a designated driver because you can just walk home. Not a lot of family activities or outdoor playgrounds for kids to enjoy during when the weather is nice.
The Pearl District is the downtown place where lovers of art, farmers markets, food, music, and community go to support one another and have a good time. A common tourist spot with the park blocks.
Portland crime is not bad in most areas compared to most larger cities. There are areas with high crime ratings but the area in which I live feels safe to me and there is a lot of security in the streets.
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Portland is really growing and because of this, housing is getting more and more expensive. The homeless community here is growing as well. Portland is becoming overcrowded and not as clean and atmospheric as it used to be. I would not move here again. It was nice for a short while to experience the city but I would rather live in a nicer place close to the city in the future.
The community within the dorm is great, but the others on the block make me feel somewhat uncomfortable.
I haven't specifically heard of anyone being hurt, but I do know that bikes get stolen a lot.
Lots of homeless people like to camp in the park