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Well Rochester in general is an awful place to live if you don't want crime. We're ranked pretty high in terms of most violent cities. But my area, there's not much crime, well, at least what I've seen. The worst vandalism I've seen is on a fresh fallen snowy night someone drew crude penises on everyone's back windows of their cars in the snow. Gave me a chuckle.
The city of Rochester is more energetic and more accepting of minorities (of all kind) than the suburbs, I've noticed. Well, at least on Monroe Ave. If given another opportunity I would try and live in the same neighborhood. Maybe on a different street just to see what its like. Just walking around the neighborhood and seeing what it has to offer is enough to get me to renew my lease.
Lots of taxes, and failed services. Without RPD we would all be screwed, but they're pretty crazy at the same time. Fire and EMS is exquisitely designed. Not a lot of publicly funded community centers out there. Most come from membership or church. Recycling program is pretty dang good.
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We live in a wasteland in the winter.

But we are experts at combating it. lol
Obvious divisions by race, income, and creed. The city is 75% poor areas, and the outskirts are usually white upperclass. The east side is a pretty good mix, but all around the city is very divided and people are generally misunderstood.
Rochester is a great city for what it should be. Somehow it manages not to be as bad as I always believe it SHOULD be, considering the poverty and general lack of opportunity for the city population.
I live in a big area with lots of night life. The drunk drivers outweigh the number of cops come 2:00am. It's just a reality. Accidents are uncommon, but shootings, robberies, and fights around that hour are relatively common.
Old style housing, what can I say?

Lots of the old houses are getting pretty beat up, but they're still beautiful and unique. I love the way the city looks in spring, everything seems very much alive. In winter though the whole place looks like a slum. lol
Crime is rampant, police are everywhere. I live in a decent area and there is still a crack head whoring herself out two houses down from me. RPD is violent, but I understand, because this whole city is pretty violent. lol
Our big businesses are dying, but the small service driven ones are still doing fine. Rochester is full of awesome bars and restaurants. You just need to know where to find them
Our restaurants are top notch. There is nothing you can't find in the Rochester area
Lots of active people here in rochester. Can't go anywhere without seeing multiple people running up and down the road. Also a lot of people who are on drugs and are pretty damn weird. It's a good mix. Most weirdos appear to be relatively harmless.
Lots of summer festivals attract people to the city. Overall positive environment despite our increased crime, poverty, and economic shambles.
Local parks are great, but are losing funding. State parks are patrolled by cops that ruin any type of reasonable fun you try to engage in. Most of the water around here is polluted and disgusting.