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Great place to live and work. Great neighborhood. Very affordable housing. Close to public transportation. Lots of local culture
This neighborhood on the east side of Saint Paul is very diverse. But nowadays, it's become a bit frightening---an increase of violence. I'm thankful that nothing has happened on my street yet, but the incidents are still incredibly close and it worries me. Love my neighborhood for its diversity, but it doesn't feel as safe anymore unfortunately.
Our neighborhood is conveniently located to get to either downtown, but is also relatively safe and quiet. It is a very diverse neighborhood in close walking distance to a lot of fantastic restaurants.
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A few minutes drive from the neighborhood quite often have police roaming around but it is still very safe.
It is a very nice neighborhood to live in. Stores are near and you can just walk to the store, but parking is on the sidewalk and it is some times difficult to find parking if you work until night time.
I haven't heard or seen any horrific crime, although there are police cars that stops by from time to time.
It's pretty peaceful except I have had a moment when dogs would just pop out of no where but overall nothing bad happened.
More often than not, I wonder about my safety in my neighborhood/area in contrast to police being there when they need to be. Especially in the summer I can't go down the street to the store without getting catcalled. Additionally, I've called local police about noise complaints about the house across the street from me several times, but I doubt if anyone gets sent. It still happens.
My area has potential but could definitely undergo several improvements before it could be an ideal place to live: thorough local police response, higher standards for education, stricter littering/loud music/catcalling laws, rain gardens on curbs to conserve water, solar panels on parking lots, more recycle bins on corners, and more local coffee shops/bookstores. I can see it starting to evolve, but not fast enough. I would not choose to live here again in the future if the atmosphere stays where it is.
I've never experienced any crimes, violence, or unsafe incidence in my neighborhood.
In my neighborhood, locates the state trail that can take you just about anywhere, up north and south of the state. I have a smaller size version of the great beautiful Minnesota woods for my backyard and very friendly neighbors. If I could choose to live here again in this mid-size neighborhood I would. I've met many wonderful friends, and create've much amazing and unforgettable memories just within my neighborhood.
I've lived in this neighborhood for around 4 years and I still feel as safe as I did the first time we decided to move here.
The East Side of Saint Paul has A LOT of crime. I feel that the police force and community officials NEED to put their heads together to combat crime in a progressive and effective way.
I love the area. I've lived here all my life and, while there has been a little trouble with petty crime, it is a fantastic place to live. We are really close to great schools and a great community center. There's also one of the safest beaches in the city a few blocks away.
The winter can have some pretty cold and pretty snowy months. The other seasons are usually great though.
There are a lot of average restaurants with a few exceptions. A lot of local, unique places, and at least one place that could be considered "Fine dining."
Lots of places to apply and new businesses are opening up in the area. Most of it is close to minimum wage, but some have future potential.
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There isn't a large variety of stores, and they are spread out rather than centralized. Overall okay, but not the most convienent.
Usually, there isn't any weather problem in the area expect there are time that the light goes out because of thunderstorm.
There isn't much employment offer around the area but it is a nice area to live in.