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Patterson Park Neighborhood Reviews

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Patterson Park and the Canton area are fun, vibrant, and family friendly neighborhoods. There are numerous local events, almost every weekend and even during the week.
This is a very well kept neighborhood. I like the fact you have local businesses and parks, as well as a dog park within the neighborhood. There are also nice homes and schools in the neighborhood.
Patterson Park neighborhood is a wonderful neighborhood with lots of family fun to engage in. The Park along with its attributes such as the newly added dog park is a plus to the neighborhood and the park itself is full of life with people of the community walking, jogging, reading and making good use of the park. Whenever I am in the area, the residents are always so nice and pleasant. The sports facility is also a plus, various teams such as soccer, play in competitions there and they all love the facility. one of my favorite events at the park is the Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving dinner. My family and I enjoy volunteering at the event each year. The foundation not only feeds the less fortunate, but they leave the dinner with additional food and clothing if needed. It is so gratifying to see so many smiles on the faces of children knowing they were able to have full bellies on Thanksgiving day.
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The are is continuosly getting worse. I would never chose to live here again if I was given the chance.
The seasons are relatively okay. I have seen many improvements in the roads in this area, the water lines are being replaced now and snow removals was very good this past winter. Overall, the seasons are manageable.
This area of Baltimore City is growing better and better because there are many upgrades and improvements going on every block when you ride through the area. The city and private owners are steadily investing in this area of the city.
The general atmosphere of this area is getting better. There are new things to do and see every week. The local community organizations are always planning different things to attract people to the neighborhood, You can also enjoy a stroll in the park which is about five minutes from where I live on a early morning for some down time when you choose.
There are a few local events in the area every two to three months held in nearby Patterson Park as well as the downtown area which is about half a mile away.
The health and fitness in this area varies, but I can say that there are a lot of areas where an individual could work out and get some physical exercise if they wanted to. They could also go to the local recreation centers in the area for free aerobic classes, yoga or other free fitness programs that are offered. The hospital facilities that are in the area are the best in the United States. We are near Johns Hopkins Hospital and Bayview Medical Center which is a sister facility to Johns Hopkins main campus.
There are a lot of mom and pop stores, but mostly chain stores like family dollar, Walgreens and a few supermarkets.
Most people in this community tend to live for 20 years or more.
Crime is not too bad but if it gets out of hand the response to crime is very efficient.
I believe there are lots of job opportunities for people who enjoy retail, healthcare, and warehouse work. I believe that most of the people in my neighborhood work outside the area but near such as downtown which is relatively close by.
The transportation situation in my neighborhood is the best. There are pedestrian crosswalks, bicycle trails and walkable areas in and around Patterson Park area. Public transportation is convenient and fast. The traffic can be congested at times, but overall traffic is steady
In my neighborhood we have a number of different types of restaurants from Chain restaurant cuisine to Organic cuisine. This is the most interesting part of where I live. The downtown area is literally about half a mile away where you can feast on any kind of food you like in a great atmosphere.
The public services in my neighborhood are great and I know because of personal experience. Whenever I have needed something to be done or attended to I could call the local urgent but not emergent hotline and they would respond right away.
The people in my neighborhood are very diverse. They come from all walks of life and areas of Maryland. There are however, a large population of Hispanic Americans who live on certain streets. Everyone is generally kind and courteous. Everyone speaks and seeks to assist when needed. I appreciate the cultural events that are held in the area by local libraries. The neighborhood is seeking to unite the people by holding events that are culturally diverse and enticing to everyone.