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Many of the houses are very old, but recently, people have been renovating some of them to attract newcomers.
People tend to live in the area for a while. I personally don't interact with many of my neighbors, but there are community events and festivals that are enjoyable.
There hasn't been a ton of crime in the area, but the neighborhood doesn't feel 100% safe at night. I'm wary of walking the streets when it gets late.
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There are a couple times the police come by because there is group of alcoholics that live in a group home. They aren't really harming anyone or anything but themselves.
I really like this area. However, I wish that there was more nature and that the neighbors cared more about keeping the streets clean. Overall, all the neighbors are kind, but there is always trash on some of the streets and sidewalks.
My area is great because we are an active community and we all support and look out for one another! We need more community like mine.
Though there are many resources nearby, the neighborhood doesn't always feel very safe at night. There have been some robberies in the area over the years, and the smaller streets aren't always very well lit. However, the area does seem to be improving with some small businesses cropping up.
I live in a city, meaning that basically crime is inevitable. I guess at times I stress about my safety, but try my best to stay alert and aware of surroundings to the best of abilities. There's only so much you can do to protect yourself from crime domestically and non-violently in the city even if there are police enforcement present.
There is both a fire station and police station close by and seem to arrive when needed somewhat in a timely manner.
I've personally never worked in my neighborhood so I'm not sure what the employment is like around here. Employees seem content and on the younger side of age mostly.
There are lots of independent local businesses and mom and pop shops in this area, and most of the time its nice. Sometimes depending on whom these independent places employ can either make for a great or poor experience when it comes to customer service. From where I live, you can get almost everything you need in the area like, groceries, gas, convenient/drug store needs, laundromats, etc.
I live in the city were most shops are at my convenience.
There are many parks and local walkways for people and famlies to go to exercise and have fun with physical activities.
I am not too sure about the employment because I am still in college although, I am working on campus.
I see a lot of police in my area. Not sure it's because they are just riding by or because there is a wonderful Mexican restaurant on the corner. Either way I am glad to see them in the area. Living in Philadelphia police are a much needed force.
Well. there are many pizza and cheesesteak shops around. Most people when they're hungry, they either go to Pat's or Geno's and grab a steak. Others, they will just go to their local mom and pop pizza shops or go to the chains like Dominos or Pizzahut.
Compared to other cities across the country, Philadelphia is doing pretty well. Popular jobs include project manager, customer service representatives, nurses, marketing coordinator, and administrative assistant. The average salary for jobs in this city hovers around $40,000 per year.
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There's a CVS and ACME Supermarket within 5 minutes of walking distances. Groceries are cheap and everything I possibly need, I can get from those stores. Couple blocks down, there is a huge concentration of Cambodian neighborhood and they have their own shops selling snacks and drinks. Since it's near schools, they get a lot of student customers.