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The police will get there within a timely manner. The drama normally be gone by the days end.
For the future of this area can be improved if some regulation are put into place. Help people get some jobs within the community would help too. Ask the community to help to improve the violence rate, lowering it. Prevent the crime rates somehow as well.
I love everything about living in Philadelphia, being born and raised in Philadelphia has given me a chance to learn about diversity and also I love learning about the history behind the city of Brotherly Love.
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Certain parts of Philly are pretty decent . . others not so much
The public education definitely needs improvement
A lot of young lives are getting taken away to soon. It is sad.
I enjoy to be around my family who live in Philadelphia
After I graduate I hope to be able to move out of the city. I want to take mini vacations to other places to find a good place to raise a family while at the same time not cutting them off from contact with other children.
There has been many incidents in this area since and before I have moved here. A man was shot and killed at a bus stop that I stand in each and everyday. I normally do not come out of the house past a certain time for my safety.
In my area it kind of like you have to know individuals to be able to get what you need.
It's gets very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. No In-between...
There Are very few jobs. When I applied to jobs I received interviews but I think they profile the interview candidates.
The corner stores are very convenient when you need something in a hurry. But, sometimes the service is poor and they owners can be very rude.