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I love Parkwood Manor. It’s a very quiet neighborhood and close to shopping. Parkwood playground and Recreation for the kids is very clean. The food choices in the area range in all types of cuisine. Neighbors take care of their houses and lawns.
I have lived here all my life and have made great friends and memories. It is a family oriented community with many people who care for each other. Many children running around and playing outside, and safe driving by most throughout the neighborhood. Great environment for children to grow up in.
Parkwood is a great place to live. There is however no much to do or keep kids occupied. It is small and good for families.
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Parkwood manor is a very quaint neighborhood, perfect for families. Very safe area with nice homes with decent yards for children to play. There are also two local elementary schools, two playgrounds, and a park with a recreational center for local sports teams all within walking distance. The community is a great as a whole with its friendly neighbors and safe streets to walk.
I haven't witnessed any crime in this area. the police are rarely visible however if you call them, they are literally located around the corner.
I plan on buying a house in or near this area. it is a very comfortable environment to raise children
Not too many crime concerns here. The worst that happens is petty theft from teenagers.
It's a pretty nice area to live in for the Philadelphia metro area. This location is pretty central, allowing people to easily work in NY or center city Philadelphia. The train station is nearby along with I-95, I-276, and Route 1. In addition you can buy real-estate relatively cheaply. I don't know that I would choose to live here again though, as I would prefer to have a yard, and finding that kind of land here is difficult. Overall a good experience and compromise between city and suburban living.
Some parts of the neighborhood have groups of teenagers causing problems, however the adults in the community work together to get to the bottom of issues and make sure the neighborhood remains as safe as possible.
The neighborhood I live in, has slowly become more of a teenage rebellion neighborhood. As long as you stay out of the groups of troublemakers, the neighborhood is really good and inviting
I've never heard of crime being committed in this neighborhood though the 11 years of living here..
It's a good neighborhood. A lot of people move here to raise a family. There is always something to do. There is a park, skating rink, a mall with surrounding stores and restaurants. There is also multiple ways of transportation.
I've lived in this area with my family for over ten years and the overall dynamic of this neighborhood is pretty good compared to other neighborhoods of the city. Living so close to your neighbors I have grown close to them as my own family members. Everyone knew each other and were sure to invite one another over for family get togethers and other planned events. My neighborhood was a nice mixture of young couples and families as well as older adults who never left the area they grew up in. There were times when my street would seem chaotic with kids running around or someone driving by with loud music, but there were also times when everything was silent which was also nice. Living in this area was very nice due to the accessibility of local highways, shopping malls, schools, etc. If I had to choose I wouldn't want to have grown up anywhere else but here and I would consider possibly buying my first home in this area.
I rather be closer to the city
I enjoyed living here my whole life. I have so many memories from living here. I could not imagine living anywhere else. This area is awesome because everything is in walking distance, school, fast food, mall, wawa, park, playgrounds, anything.
Depending on what part of the city you are in is how much crime you deal with
Most people in my age group are returning to school in order to get a better job.
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Middle class neighborhood with availability to everything. people working in the places are not always nice.