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The sense of community in this area is great, people try to be involved with one another and build relationships
I would have to say it`s okay because the police is very visible and very responsive to this specific area on a daily with high volume of cameras and video footage surveillance for safety.
This area is poverty stricken and the way the local government is stemmed with the poor get poorer and rich get richer. This specific area is head for crime alert, so I would assume that in the future this area will be worse. I do not plan to live in this area for much longer and if I had an initial choice of living here from the beginning, I would have never moved here.
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Where I'm from it is very diverse and most people are nice. In the community there are a lot of stores nearby which makes it very convenient. I would live here again.
With the crime rate, I would advise anyone to move away from the area.
I like where I live its easy living
The people in this area are very unhealthy. A new gym just opened up and many people are using it. This is good because people now have somewhere to exercise.There is a hospital near by but its services are slow. I am very physically active and thanks to this gym that opened I now have more equipment available than just a set of dumbells at home.
The local businesses are improving in my area. Ten years ago there were very few businesses in my area. Now there is a Planet Fitness Gym , a Jolibee , Popeyes, CVS Pharmacy, a hotel and another McDonald's. We have access to many things now and their is a food source for groceries. All these businesses are on the same street.
The housing in this area varies a lot. There are some really good houses in the area but with some really bad duplex homes mixed in. Cost of housing ranges from $1000 to $2,800 a month. The best area to reside is in Elk Grove and the worst is South Sacrament and Oak Park.
Crime is very high in my area. There has been a re-imagine Mack Road organization started. The goal of this organization is to lower crime rates and make the area a better place to live.
Here in Sacramento the weather is crazy. The winters are very cold and the summers are very hot. In the spring you would leave your house in the morning with a sweater but then in the afternoon it's like 78 degrees. My wardrobe consist of jackets and long sleeve shirts for winter and t-shirts and shorts for the summer.
Most of the food in this area is common fast food: McDonald's , KFC, Carl's Jr., Subway and Jack in the box. The only good restaurant is El Super Taco which has great Mexican food.
Well the employment is okay but not good enough. Most of the families in this area have a very low income. Most of the jobs are minimum wage paying jobs.
Its seems as though everyone has and job now. People like me looking for a job are having a hard time finding one.
These local businesses try to make you feel more at home, and they do get to know their customers. If they know you as a regular, they'll be lenient with you almost most of the time. Some of their quality items/work is decent and fairly priced rather than at a big company owned store. They provide the most of the same services, but sometimes you need the big companies for more brand named items for quality assurance.
Not that many jobs for people who don't have a AA degree or a BA
The weather is bipolar.

I can be 67 and than the next day 104.

You never know what to expect at times.
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I don't eat out nor do I got to bars.
We have new people in our area every month.
Sometimes the buses will be on time. Same as the lightrail.

But it is dangerous to ride the lightrail at night.

People have been robbed, or even hurt on there.

I don't ride at night