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People deal drugs in the park across the street from my house and nothing gets done. At least 20 guys deal drugs out in the open two blocks away and nothing gets done. Sex offenders live near schools in the area.
The area I live in has gone down because there are no more home owners and renters don't care as much about their surroundings. The city also has a problem with people driving through a neighborhood and just throwing trash out of car windows instead of taking it home to dispose of. I've lived here my entire life but I want to move so my daughter can be in a safe and quiet neighborhood.
Politician refuse to give money to out public school systems or help develop more educational programs for the youth
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There are a lot of vacant buildings in this area. Most of the residents live in some type of housing program.
The crime rate is a little difficult to explain being as though we recently had protesting and riots happening here. I would say for right now the tension between civilians and law enforcement as far as crime is concerned has calmed down.
Some times we may have a winter storm and other times we won't. The summers do become extremely hot at times to where as though heat advisory warnings may be set at times.
There are different area in the Baltimore city harbor region that have different varieties of bars and restaurants but just about 92 % of them shut down at 2 am.
Most people work in the kitchens or hotels of the local hospitality businesses in this area. They pay minimum wage and the employees live pay check to paycheck.
the local businesses are located in an area where most families are below poverty level. They are mostly convenience stores and liquor stores. We also had a few drugs stores like rite aids and cvs before they were burned down in the past riot that occured a few weeks ago.