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When we hear sirens, we shut and lock all the doors, because there have been multiple times the police have been chasing a criminal in our back yard. An attempted murder just happened three houses up from ours. A monk woman was there by herself and they attacked her, she had no valuable possessions.
When I first moved to this neighborhood over 5 years ago, it was a wonderful place to live, it seemed country like. we had a mini mart down the street, and a high school pharmacy, along with a second hand store. Aside from those things it was all neighborhood. Since then, housing prices have skyrocketed, my opinion is because of Californians moving here, Portland Oregon is just across the river and their housing has always been more due to the tax differences between the two states. Everyone is moving to Vancouver WA, escaping Portland prices which has taken the rent up about $400.00 on average, to me this is absolutely outrageous, price gouging. They put a huge medical office in the building of the High School Pharmacy / second hand store.The house and it's property that was across the street from that was torn down and now sits a parking lot for those people, and just up the road they built the welfare office. Not to mention, they have another huge apartment complex across the street from the one that has been here for years and get this, they are currently destroying a house next to that farming down all the old growth pine trees and building another apartment complex. The small piece of property next to us that made this place so serene, just an hour ago I found out they are going to cram a mobile home there! Many years ago I move to this side of town to get away from crime, its out of control and I really don't feel safe for my kids or my family anymore and its a real shame, I forgot to mention that they decided round about's would be a good idea, they were put in about a year ago, people race up and down that street now, I have to go right for a bit before the round about let's me go the opposite direction. I wouldn't advise anyone with a desire for solitude to ever move her it's quickly turning in to the ghetto.
There have been many shootings, robbing and burglery's
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there are very few stores besides two mini marts and a restaurant which is always empty
I am not a very big drinker and since just turning 21 not even a month ago I haven't been able to experience many bars. But for night clubs are places for the younger crowd such as myself there is not one place that I have heard of in my state. I think that if there were more legal activities for young adults that there would be less drug, gang, recklessness among young adults.
The fast food industry. Tact Bell, Mcdonals, Wendys etc. have a very big turn-over rate, and for anyone that has worked in the fast food industry they probably understand why. Employees working any type job right now has to deal with unfourtunate circumstances all because they dont know know if they will be able to get another minimum wage job that can take practically any customer and ask them if they want a job, and they are replaced. Being treated in some cases un-human is the facts and reality of jobs anywhere it seems to me.