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Parkside is a great neighborhood to live in especially if you are a student or raising a family. It is a generally quiet neighborhood with good parking (big plus in SF). Its easily accessible to SFSU, Stonestown, and Daly City so you pretty much don't need to leave the area often. One thing that can improve is the variety of restaurants in the area.
Many homes are still original construction (~1930-40's), not remodeled. some are remodeled and are sold at a high profit to incoming yuppies that do not care about the community.

Their are no abandoned properties, but the cost of housing is expensive.
Sense of community has diminished, after SF Park and rec closed many dog friendly parks to off leash dog walkig, Sigmund Stern Grove remained one of the last that allowed off leash dog walking. The park became inundated with dogs from all over the city and has made parking in our area impacted and dog noise level higher. Very few families remain o our street that I have known since childhood. most have moved away to a better school district.
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new police chief at Taraval station has both increased police visibility and response times to domestic dispute. and after hours park noise/disturbances
The general atmosphere of San Francisco has changed greatly from a city of artists, grant thinkers and political motivators to mid stream mediocre consumerist melting pot all striving to buy into a chunk of the real estate market. The city residents speak in Your choice of dozens of languages but English does not seem to be one of them. They claim to be residents but do not read or write or speak English, litter the streets with garbage and do not follow basic social rules like obeying noise levels and motor vehicle laws.

It seems that this trend will only continue and increase to make this urban area less appealing. Although I am a descendant of emigres on both sides of my lineage, I know that my predecessors either spoke or learned to speak English when they came to America and respected the laws of this country. When I graduate from college, my goal is not to live in San Francisco.
It's a wonderful place to live with great job opportunities, but the increase in living is ridiculous.
This part of the city is nice, but it is a matter of time until the tech folks move in and destroy this neighborhood like so many others in this city. Incredibly sad.
The housing is okay. It's pretty expensive to rent a house in this city, especially in the Sunset. The houses are decent size, but they are usually built right next to each other.
The Chinese food is amazing. You can go within a seven block radius and find a Chinese restaurant.
The local business around my area is great. There is plenty of restaurants of different ethnicity so if most of cravings can be satisfies easily.
The weather in my district is not bad. The only downside is that in San Francisco it is always foggy, and we don't actually get to experience the four seasons. We usually only have one season and it's just foggy with it being average high 50's. The only other season we experience is rain season which happens in January or February for about a week.
it's a city that's suffering techie take over and gentrification-so it's at it's knees...the police are awful they keep to crimes and are not helpful with anything else...ambulances are fight response times due to congestion and construction is going up in places that it should never have been going up in the first place causing wind tunnels, so it's very different in the the last 50 is not a predominantly white irish city anymore, it's very diverse and you need to know many languages and the new people have no tolerances for the little folks and families have bottomed out at fourth's really's like Richie Rich's's lost it's family environment and everything has become to expensive to enjoy much
If you are a techie with a masters degree and speak three languages
But it's also expensive, taxes are high, utilities are unbelieveable, cable and internet are 300 a month, insurances are required, property management can get you reported to the city people are living two families to a property there aare several cars to a house and there's no street parking because everyone has turned their garages into illegal units for rent to make the propery costs
It's expensive, cheaper to go out of the city