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It's a little sketchy, but I haven't encountered any issues.
It's a pretty cheap area for Portland, a little grimy, but not horrible. Rent keeps getting raised each year though.
In terms of parkside specifically, it's not the greatest neighborhood. People know you shouldn't wander down Grant Street alone at night, and it's pretty loud, but it has gotten a lot better in the past 5-6 years. Rents are rising though, which makes it harder for lower income families to live here, so who knows.

Portland in general is great. It's a great little city, on the penninsula, everything is easily walkable or bikeable. I like it a lot. Public transit is not great, and it's certainly small. You have to leave town for certain things, and while you don't NEED a car, it's easier to have one.
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State needs to figure out what they're doing with DHHS and mental health services. It's appalling.
People with money are moving in. The gentrification process is pretty obvious and saddening. Developments are going up everywhere.
The police in Portland are amazing. Responsive, respectful, and always there to serve. The area is incredibly safe.
Very rarely do we have issues with the weather. Even with extremes in seasonal temperatures, things are pretty even-keeled. The most essential items in my wardrobe would probably have to be my down parka, waterproof boots & winter hat.
Great bar and restaurant scene. Good variety.
Pay is never appropriate for the rising rents in Portland.
Great restaurants, fantastic bars. Could use more laundromats.