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There's lots to do in town at the parks and we're really close to the coast and Yosemite and Tahoe.
There is almost no crime so the cops don't seem to have a lot to do. I think most of the bad stuff happens at the mall, and at the hotels, but it's from people who don't live here.
I think I'm still learning about this stuff but my parents seem happy and I know it's a good place to live. There are enough police and fire officers in town, and the local cops seem fairly benign. Then again, we haven't had any issues so I guess I don't really know.
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The weather is pretty mild most of the year but it can be cold in the winter. There's not a lot of rain which is making stuff look boring. It can be hot in the summer but most of my friends have pools so it's OK.
This is an affluent suburb and the business reflect this: there are lots of restaurants, a wide variety of grocery stores (chain, Asian, gourmet, Trader Joes) and a stuff like ice cream shops and sporting goods stores. There also are a lot of family-owned businesses that have been here since I was born or longer. I always can find a place to eat and clothes and the regular mall and outlet mall have everything too.
Pleasanton is a wonderful place to live and grow up. There are good schools, little crime, lots of

parks and trails, and the weather is mostly perfect.