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Street parking is 2 hours and tickets are not left on your car, you have to go online to find out if they gave you one or not. Cars get broken into like the rest of San Francisco - don't leave anything inside your car.
I havent read or heard any reports of any crime or safety
Im a student at San Francisco State University and the lifestyle here is great
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For anyone who likes cool temperatures, San Francisco is the place for you! However, one downside is that while there is an abundance of public transportation available throughout the city, it does not come cheap, with a charge of $2.25 per bus ride. Invest in a clipper card and you'll save a lot of money. There are many things to do and many places to visit in this city, and anyone that likes to go out a lot will find never not find anywhere to be. If I lived in an area with more things to do, then I would live here again, but in this location there isn't much without having to ride the bus and it can get very boring.
I don't remember seeing police much but I also never needed them. Car windows were frequently smashed in and stuff was always stollen.
I wouldn't choose to live here again. It was too far away from anything that actually felt like living in San Francisco.
I have yet to run into any issues with crime near campus.
I love living in SF I moved here from SD for school and I plan on staying here all 4 years
There are many homeless people living in San Francisco but most of the time they are harmless. There are however areas in SF that are very dangerous and unsafe for a girl like me to be walking around alone in.
I am glad I get to experience something new.
There was a period of time when there was thief around the area and sometimes there is sexual assault.
I think that living here is not all that bad. The only thing I can complain about is that the one way streets are bothersome.
all of students, especially women are cannot walk home from school at night time (6pm) for the fear of being sexually harassed, and the administration and police force are not doing anything to address the issue except for the school president sending an "stay safe" email.
possibility of living affordability and conditions is getting worse by the year as prices goes up, students have to find work to pay rent, for a apartment that is cramped.
High housing prices, overcrowded, some building kept in poor condition (externally and internally). Better to have a lot of roomates, live outside of the SF or live in the poorer areas of SF.
Most people try to form small groups, but most people stick to themselves unless they participate and volunteering and community organizations.
Police often visible; crime still and issue, but we are informed about how to stay safe and who to contact in a dangerous situation.
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Much diversity and accessibility to public transit; crowded living
Housing is hard to find in this city, but once you do it can be great, It is also very expensive compared to other cities.
I feel there is a sense of community because of the close proximity to SF State.