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Crime is starting to get wrost
I been here so long, I'm fine with where i live. Its quiet.
There are plenty of sidewalks and bike lanes on most streets. Parking is difficult and you often have to pay to use a garage. It is easy enough to walk through however. Buses are reliable but we could use more train lines.
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People can be surly in my area, with good reason. Their lives have not been easy, as crime and poverty have always been prevalent for them. In general, people aren't too friendly to people that they don't know. The city is homogenous in the several pockets/enclaves of the area.
I was born and raised and still live in Baltimore, MD. It has perennially been ranked in the top 10 most dangerous cities in the nation since I was born. There are always shootings and robberies. Hearing about crime on the news is never "news."
People are too estranged from healthy food options in most parts of the city. Additionally, there aren't too many workout facilities other than a few parks and high school facilities. We have some of the best hospitals in the nation however, which includes the beloved Johns Hopkins.
I cannot really comment on the public services as I am not in need of them too often nor know anybody who requires them often. Also, I am not too involved with our local politicians.
There are beautiful massive house in the nice parts of town but also the small rowhouse/townhouses that I myself live in. There isn't much property for those needless to say. There tends to be vacant houses in these rows as well.
You can find every kind of cuisine in Baltimore. A consumer can dine in, take out, or have something delivered. The quality is on point.
There are not many businesses besides the food and beauty industry.
Most people are friendly but they of course form the strongest bonds with those they grew up with are new residents that are in their age bracket. I always feel safe and never feel like anybody wants me out of the neighborhood.
My neighborhood is really residential so there are not big corporations or anything. Most jobs come from the markets, fast food restaurants, beauty stores, or barber shops.