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Parker Lane Reviews

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It's a typical area within the city. not the best but not the worst. I wouldn't go out alone though.
It's a great apartment complex and there are a few good restaurants within walking distance.
I haven't seen any crime and I feel safe
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It's not the lakeside trail running, but still good
There hasn't been that much crime lately, at least not in my area that I should be concerned about.
I've lived here my whole life and there are many things to do here in the city but it is always important to not let your guard down while your alone.
The economy is so bad
The best food nearby is 888
The best job in this area is security.
There isn't much in the immediate area but if you're willing to take a walk a few blocks there are a bunch of shops and a few good restaurants.
Lots of section 8 housing nearby.
Lots of things to do if you don't have a gym membership
I am not worried, but sometimes there is questionable activity around.
Summer is crazy hot and a lot of the state catches on fire.
Lots of places to eat, some are hit or miss.
Lots of things going on in my area, not exactly amazing jobs, but go further into the city and there are plenty of great things.
Kind of close to questionable area, but not IN the questionable areas.
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There isn't a very good market. It's super hard to find a job
There is alot of theft.
The Soup Peddler on South Lamar is amazing. They deliver once a week to certain areas. All their soups are made from scratch with healthy sometimes local ingredients. They have different options to choose from every day.