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Parkdale - Urbandale Reviews

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In my whole life, I have only experienced about 4 shootings.
I grew up in this area and I would definitely raise my children here
The housing can always use improvement. Unless you fixed your house yourself, housing is still livable.
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The area is okay, but i would not recommend kids playing outside at night. I would always stay really safe when it comes to your belongings and family. It is always better being safe than sorry.
It's about as normal as it can be in southeast Dallas.
It's good for the price. The neighbors sometimes throw parties and the cars overflow which makes me want to bite their heads off, but other than that it's fine. There's a park nearby and whatnot.
My concern is police getting bad and not doing their job.
In the future I see great things happening.
There is friendly neighbors but some are not because they tend to become distance with interacting.
Sometimes there is no crime but still we see police giving trips around the area.
Its an comfortable area but as always every area has its trouble.
The people surrounding the area sometimes are loud. There are times that the police are at houses in the area.
i would definitely not choose to live here when I have my own family.
There are a few areas in the neighborhood that have an abandoned property but they are mostly rare.
In the past, we have been on very good terms with many of our neighbors. People visited each other and got together for events. Many people have left the neighborhood however, and we have not rebuilt our relationships with the new neighbors that have moved in.
There have only been a couple of times where we personally have had issues with crime, and both times i'm sure have been caused by hoodlum kids. Once where the tailgate of one of our vehicles was stolen, another case one was trespassing in our backyard. The trespassing incident was reported to police and at that point police surveillance increased for the next few days. Since then we have had no issues.
The area overall is not bad but it's not the best neighborhood ether. At night i can hear people firing guns into the air i'm assuming since there are no reports of gun violence nearby. There have been a couple of times in my time here where stolen vehicles have been abandoned in front of our property. The whole neighborhood has a bit of a reputation for not being the nicest, but the particular street i live on for the most part has been peaceful. The neighbors are nice and friendly.
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The cost of Housing in my area are pretty expensive maybe to much. But we understand because we live right behind the park and schools.
The community in my area are really friendly. They are really quite and peaceful people.
The safety in this area is great. The only thing we are concerned about is that police always take their time when we need them.