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I went to school near Parkchester and I really like the neighborhood. The only issue I have is the parking situation. It can be really difficult at times.
Parkchester is a pretty good neighborhood. As the years went by, the safety and appearance of the neighborhood overall is constantly being improved. It has several parks for kids and basketball courts. There are a lot of trees and benches for people to sit down and relax around. Overall, I believe it is one of the better neighborhoods in the Bronx.
Parkchester is a decent neighborhood located in the south of the Bronx borough. The neighborhood is not that clean, plastics ore in the street sometimes near the commercial centers and stores. Crime rate is low compare to the other areas in the Bronx. Schools are average. Public safety is at standards. Housing and living is cheap compare to New York City prices. Commuting to the other areas of the City of New York it is easy. The 6 train runs all the time and there are City buses which are running almost 24/7. There is a lot of diversity in this neighborhood, major part of it are Hispanic, Black and Asian. There are a lot of job opportunities because the neighborhood is very close to Manhattan borough which is the world's financial district. There are public parks and entertainment areas for kids as well in this neighborhood.
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Parkchester overall is a good place to live. You can make a quick run to any deli if you need milk or head over to C-Town for grocery shopping. There's a Little Caesers for those nights where a home-cooked meal just isn't cutting it. There's also a Chinese takeout place and a gyro cart stationed by the Chase bank. The neighborhood I live in is quiet overall. If you walk a bit further down, you'll find a Western Beef supermarket and beyond it lies the Bruckner Expressway. Metropolitan Avenue opens up to a little quasi-town with Macy's, Dunkin' Donuts, the post office, Carter's, and the likes housed almost next to each other. There is also a 6 train station and several bus services like the Q44, which can take you to Flushing, Queens. Parkchester for me is a place of conveniences and I'm quite happy here.
I've lived here my whole life, and I really like it here. The neighborhood is fairly safe, there are a ton of stores, and the area is nice.
Parkchester has an average clean environronment.
Old buildings which have been there for years.
Neighborhood has library, a small mall, post office.
It doesn't has enough parking space
Parkchester is a great community. There are many support groups and help. The library is a wonderful resource.
I am a resident of Parkchester and have lived in the neighborhood since birth. It's a family friendly neighborhood which offers many recreational activities for all such as the boys and girls club, sports and fitness facility and it also has a grandparent youth program for grandparents raising their grandchildren. It's a vibrant neighborhood with a rich culture full of diversity. The only thing that I find that is lacking in my neighborhood is healthy eating. We have too many fast food franchise and not enough healthy establishment. I hope as the community continues to progress there will be more healthy franchise coming to the neighborhood. Overall, Parkchester is a nice neighborhood.
I have recently moved into the Parkchester neighborhood, and I am so pleased with the fact the all of the shopping areas are easily accessible to me. I recommend anyone who wants to live in an urban but small community, I know this decision will be a good one when it comes to raising a family, jogging, and safe middle class to upper middle class society.
Parkchester is a wonderful neighborhood to live it because it has everything you'll ever need right within walking distance. Parkchester has a Macy's, Carters, Children's Place, Foot Action, Golden Crust, Marshalls, Applesbees, pharmacies glasses shops dentist offices and so much more to offer. Parkchester is safe, and a beautiful area to raise your children.
Parkchester is pretty diverse community, specially there is a lot of Bengali or south Asian community. But there is not a lot of jobs in the area. It's a quite area, stores and shops are ordinary. Safety and living in the area is 3/5. Commute to the city is convenient and doesn't take long to get to the city.
Parkchester is pretty diverse community, specially there is a lot of Bengali or south Asian community. But there is not a lot of jobs in the area. It's a quite area, stores and shops are ordinary. Safety and living in the area is 3/5. Commute to the city is convenient and doesn't take long to get to the city.
Housing is just like most other Bronx apartments.
Pretty much the best area in the Bronx
The safest neighborhoods in the Bronx
One of the best places in the Bronx.
Parkchester is a pretty safe place. Occasionally you will have your hold ups in building lobbies, but there is security around the area that responds quick to any incidents of that sort. There is surveillance in the buildings. As mentioned before, you do have your occasional incidents, but we are in New York . We have to be realistic.
Parkchester is a beautiful place that is full of diversity. There is a little bit of everything in Parkchester. There is crime , but we are in New York. There are many stores and fast foods places all around the area. Due to the fact that there are so many stores ,( Macy's, Marshall's, New York & Company etc.) , there is a lot of traffic during the holidays. Parking can be tough sometimes. The perks of living in Parkchester is that you have the 6 train very close to you as well as many buses like the BX22 .
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good safety police are always around if needed. they have done a great job on cleaning up crime. people in the area are able to walk at night now and take there kids to the park again. safety is great here.
i love were i live. the people are very nice with each other. this a area i would want to live when i move out my mother house. the area is growing each day for the better.
Personally, I am tired of seeing the same building, the same architecture, the same walls.