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Very family-oriented place. It's a nice neighborhood but most people are hipsters and love their kale and quinoa.
I was born and raised there and living the through the gentrification of the neighbor as well as the improvements.
I like Park slope's access to a variety of family friendly parks and restaurants. I also enjoy the beauty of the neighborhood and it's quietness.
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Excellent place to rise a family with wonderful safe neighborhoods, along with great neighbors. Plenty of great restaurants to eat and have a great time. The school are wonderful with tree line streets.
Honestly, I been living here for 18 years, and it has changed so much. I have watched the neighborhood become filled with the citi bikes, overpriced coffee shops and just become a bland neighborhood to live in. There are bars every other block so I am constantly being woken up at 3am on a Saturday to hear someone yelling at someone in a drunken rage on the corner
Park Slope is a perfect neighborhood for you is you are a white, vegan mother of two. There are certain benefits to a place like this. There is always a lot of stuff going on and not necessarily just for kids. There is easy access to museums, restaurants, and of course the lovely Prospect Park. The night life could be better but there are a few bars open late and there is usually a fun place to hear live music. It is getting overpopulated especially by the type of person I mentioned earlier. The public parks are positively overflowing during the day and I think no matter where you are there will be at least one stroller within sight. The biggest negative is the cost of living. Not only has the real estate skyrocketed in value but most restaurants and boutiques are ridiculously overpriced. This has driven many people out of the neighborhood and decreased diversity. It’s a visually appealing neighborhood but I will say it is much more enjoyable if you have money and kids.
I moved into the neighborhood about 3 years ago, and I’m glad I did. Although gentrification took it’s toll on this neighborhood and the prices of homes, I was able to snag a 1 bedroom apartment in someone’s basement for 500$ a month (what a steal!) I like the proximity to prospect park, whole foods, and the barclays center. I never had an issue with transportation since two of the busiest bus lines constantly drive through here and the R, F, and G trains are close by. My only complaint is the abundance of hipster-owned shops. This causes an inconvenience when I don’t want to spend 20$ on a meal and I don’t want to shop at a really expensive boutique.
Park Slope is very bikeable and there is tons of diverse food around. Being right next to Prospect Park, it’s the perfect neighborhood to be in during the summer months of you like to spend your time outdoors.
I lived in Park slope as a child and later on when I turned 18-20. The neighborhood is definitely family friendly. There are great markets close to Prospect Park. Prospect Park also has a lot of fun events in the summer. Park Slope also has multiple F stops running thru it which makes it relatively easy to get to Manhattan. All in all, I love this neighborhood!
I've lived in Park Slope my whole life. It's now filled with yuppies, toddlers, former hippies and wannabe hipster teenagers compared to 20 years ago during the pre-gentrification era. Some might say Park Slope is more than a neighborhood, it's a lifestyle. Park Slope is an extremely overpriced neighborhood from restaurants to boutiques. The only way I can accurately describe Park Slope is a modestly-pretentious upper class neighborhood where you'll get shunned if someone has the slightest inclination that you aren't from there.
I love the ethnic and diverse types of food. However, gentrification is taking over, leaving little diversity.
Lovely place, been living here since a kid and its only gotten better. With all the new shops opening up and street markets every week there is no end to the amount of things you can discover.
I love Park Slope. It is a wonderful neighborhood to raise a family. The streets are safe and clean, the schools are very good, and the number of activities for children is fantastic. The proximity to Prospect Park allows this neighborhood to be a retreat from the busy streets of Manhattan.
Family friendly, delicious food and successful real estate businesses!!! I never want to leave this awesome neighborhood!!!
Great stores, beautiful homes, stunning buildings, and nice people. Residents keep the neighborhood clean. Many of the residents love animals, because throughout the day you will see dog parents and dog sitters with their four-legged friends. The neighborhood has many nice playgrounds for the children of Park Slope to play in. Park Slope has many nice restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy a meal.
I have lived in this area for approximately 4 years-and I love it here. It is one of the best places to live not only in Brooklyn but of all the York city I highly suggest it for anyone
Park slope i sby far one of the best communities in BK. Very friendly people and many great families.
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I've been living in Park Slope all my life. People are friendly but for the most part people leave you alone and let you do things alone peacefully. I'm right by Prospect Park and the conveneince of having the park next door is second to none.
With great schools, shopping, restaurants, a park, and more all within walking distance, Park Slope makes everything really convenient. It's very safe and an overall friendly community. While some parts of the neighborhood are more family-oriented, there are parts that have a very active night scene. With beautiful brownstone buildings and the one and only Park Slope Food Coop, it's a perfect neighborhood.
I've lived in Park Slope over 20 years. It's an eclectic area with many places to dine, drink, sit back & relax & take children to. Prospect Park, with all its amenities is close by too.