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Its safe but we have a lot of prejudice against us
It is a great area for anyone who was raised here.
The atmosphere is not that great, pollution is a very big problem and the leaves in our yard end up having black spots on them. The loud trains, that travel on the railroad tracks, shake the ground enough to be measured on the Richter scale and it doesn't help my living situation. There are many hobos that live around here makes this place seem worse that It already is. My house that I live in with my parents is not a very we'll maintained one. Mold easily transcends into the inside walls when the house endures inclement weather and cold temperatures. The cheapest kind of wood seems to be the Skeleton of this house, or the landlord hasn't changed it since it was constructed. One can tell since there are cracks, discolorations nails inside the wood. The electricity hasn't been a big problem until 6 months ago. What caused the electricity tripping in our residence was caused by a sudden transformer explosion at the top of a electricity pole. It could be compared to a grenade exploding. It was a great scare seeing an green light project next to your house, strong enough to rock the couch, and loud enough to wake up the heaviest sleeper. In fact after that, the light went out and not just in our neighborhood but Along the next 10 block of the perpendicular street. My friend who was about 3 blocks away from my house at that time, said that it was the most distinct noise he heard. Electricity crews came in later but at the cost of losing sleep. I thought that this house will no longer would suffer from electrical problems however that assumption was wrong. other as not feeding well to light bulbs an other continuous fixtures such as fans. lights would sometimes dim for a long time and overpower for a short amount of time. Or just simply flicker. The flickering finally ended when one day the electricity underpowered so much that all the electronic appliances turned off and the lights as well, but shortly came back on only to start flickering. The flickering is fixed.
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Theres a huge diversity in the area that range from hispanic to american to Chinese. I would say the friendliness to be about average mostly everyone keeps to themselves and you get a once in a while hello from a stinger
There is plenty located at every corner in my city with a variety of most
the attractions in my city consists of everything I live near a museum many hotels and a mall
I happen to live in a neighborhood surround by trees very beautiful in the fall and its very convent in the summer and there is a park located just around the corner from my home.
There is a huge variety of different retail shops locally. Both big name ones and family owned ones. You can find anything you need or want around here. Business is very good. There are also a number of very popular stores who also give back to the community and hold events for the community.
Locally, the fire an police stations are great. I am neutral on the representatives for I am not very familiar with them. Although I do hear of some of them representing themselves to the community at local school events, which I think is good as they make themselves known amongst the people in the community.
Over the past years crime levels have been dropping, making more of our neighborhoods a safer environment. There are more jobs than past years available, and there is more involvement of the people in different areas like local councils, or involvement in their children's schools, or fitness clubs at local parks. I would choose to live here in the future, for I see it improving much more for the future.
Locally there are a handful of jobs in the fast food department. However most people I know working in that department, do not fully enjoy their work. They only work for the need of money. Pay is fair working conditions are good as well. There isn't a lot of job opportunities for certain career areas however.
A lot of people tend to like the local Westfield mall, also a few minutes away Disneyland. Local residents are kind to tourists and help with giving directions or anything else needed.
For a suburban area, housing is fair. The houses are well kept for, including all properties and lawns. Prices for utilities are a bit high, especially water. But overall is quite far considering the area.
The parks locally provide safe playgrounds, with very accessible bike trails and walking trails. There is a low amount of trash, and if seen by a person, they pick it up willingly in an effort to keep the parks clean. There is plenty of green life around the parks as well as animal life providing a fun environment full of nature.
The local streets are all mostly very wide, allowing cars to move at a good pace. The only congestion there is, is where the train tracks are. After the signals come down the train still takes a while to pass, and so cars start to line up and form a bit of congestion. But overall, traffic moves at a steady pace making transportation alright.