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everyday on the news there is a reported murder daily if not more.
the general atmosphere around me is sub-par. being a college town directly beside campus has its ups and downs there still is a constant remain of local crime.
Although the police presence can been seen regularly in the neighborhood, the criminals know how far they can go. For example, they know if someone calls the cops on them for loitering, its the criminals right to stand in front of someone's home, as long as they're not physically on the property. Also, I fear walking to the store because I never know when someone is going to do a drive by shooting. Most neighbors don't want to join forces against the persons so it makes it hard to have anything done.
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I honestly have nothing nice to say about where I currently reside. The people are rude. The drug people and crackheads are everywhere. People don't take pride in where they live. I do see a slight change in the makeup of the community. By the time the area is fully integrated, HOPEFULLY, I'll be long gone