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i'm going to try and not be biased because that's where i'm from. park hill is not the safest place to be, but the phrase, " It takes a village", is taking into account here. The streets are patrolled with cops because of recent altercations but there are young stars here. being that this is the place the Wu tang clan originated, all of these young adolescents are just jolting with talent and ideas and perspective, so I cant say that the neighborhood is ALL bad. To me I think that everything in our neighborhood is a factor in our greatness because if we can overcome obstacles in our home, why cant we overcome obstacles anywhere else?
Although the police is not visible as much, they definitely react fast when they are needed.
My overall experience of the area that I live is very positive. Although I moved here only two years ago and I'm not familiar with everything I would definitely recommend to move here. Transportation options are great if you don't have a car, there are many groceries stores, as well as pharmacies. Similarly with restaurants and pizzerias.
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Ive seen people get shot in broad daylight and in the middle of the night. Crime here is very high and there arent enough police around to stop it
A lot of crime in the area, wish they would add more police in the area. Poverty area, not enough space for kids to play around in and its not beneficial to the working class. There is also a lot of gun violence
It's not the best of neighborhoods, but its home to many.
There are many park in my area that are easily accesible
In the winter, the weather is really cold and in the summer;it is really hot.
The food is good based on where you went to eat and your personal taste
Many people in my area work outside of the boroughs
The groceries store in my neighborhood are good. It just that they are a little expensive
Most of our local state representatives don't make it a point of duty to interact with communities.
Staten Island is a small place. Most of us has grown up together.
We have regular New York weather.
There are a lot of great places to eat in staten island
I love working with mentally disabled adults.
People tend to use the corner stores as hang out spots.
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There are four seasons in my area which are winter, spring, summer and fall. During winter and fall, it's really cold like below 10 and 20, and it snows a lot during these two seasons too. Due to this, schools close sometimes when the inches of snow are high. On the other hand, spring and summer seasons are the opposite of winter and fall seasons. During spring season, its in between hot and cold like 47 and 55, but it s really hot during the summer, like 75 and 90. this is the reason why most people consider spring season as the best season out of the four. We have the bad days and the good days, but i guess that is how life is too, so i would say the weather condition is okay.
There are a lot of local businesses in Staten Island and they are scattered in different locations around State Island. local businesses in my area are stores in which their products varies therefore, one can get almost anything. Among these stores include a home depot which is fantastic because it has almost everything a family could use at home like accessories, kitchen utensils, etc. Furthermore, there are couple African stores in Staten Island so that foreigners who are not familiar with the new change don't have to go through it if it's hard for them. In addition, popular stores like pizzeria, subway, McDonalds where people could stop by for lunch. clearly, this paragraph proves my rating for the local businesses in Staten Island.
Neither great or terrible, the housing is moderate.