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Some one has been murdered in my neighborhood, so I don't feel safe going on late night walks. But in the day time, I feel pretty safe over all. I havent heard of any burglaries in my neighborhood, as of right now. The only time I see police in my neighborhood is if someone called 911, or they're parked at the elementary school at night.
It's really hot and there are a bunch of thunderstorms in the springs.
There are a bunch of restaurants in Plano that are some of my favorite. My favorite is the pizza from Eddie's in South Central Plano. I'm only 18 so i have no idea what the bar/nightlife is like.
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There are tons of minimum wage jobs (ie McDonalds, Wlamrt clerk, gas station worker), but not as many higher paying jobs good for college students.
There aren't very many locally owned shops, so they're pretty scarce since there are so many corporate companies in the city.
There aren't really any abandoned properties, though people do sell their houses relatively frequently.
I was able to get a salaried internship position in the field of my choice, so I say it's pretty good.
The stores and everything here are very general, mostly big name companies.
Everybody here is pretty friendly, and as I moved through my education, I met more and more diverse people in ethnicity, sexuality, and experiences.