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Out of all the areas in Long Beach it's not the worst, it's pretty close to the traffic circle and Marina Pacifica shopping center so there's stuff to do.
Difficult subject as living in Southside Long Beach is more like living in OC. North Long Beach is heavily patrolled for gang activity (last mayor did a fantastic job cutting crime rates). However, southside is neglected. Aside from the shooting in my ally that took over 15 minutes for anyone to show up, and the mugging where many of the neighbors neglected the pleas for help and again another 15 minute response time. Luckily the local hotel that shares our community ally took it upon themselves to light the ally, restrict parking to residential/hotel usage, and install security cameras. There has since been a dramatic if not all together cut in drug dealings and usage in our local ally.
We're not the most socialable people. We nod our heads, but rarely get the opportunity to engage in conversation.
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Living in southern California you learn the true 4-seasons of the year. 1) Drought, 2) Wild Fires, 3) Riots, and 4) Traffic.
How can you complain about such an amazing entertaining city as Long Beach? A 15-minute drive and you have your choice of food or beverage.
While there are many opportunities for retail and restaurant staff, there is nearly no opportunity in the Account Management field requiring myself to drive either into the city center of OC or LA.
Living in Park Estates used to be something worth jealousy of friends. Now with the removal of our nearest grocery- Ralphs things have become a little more difficult with the commute required to Marina Pacifica just to buy a gallon of milk. The drive is not the worst part, but the mall parking just to buy said milk is a waste of time and inconvenient. I'd rather pay the extra $2.50 and just buy my milk at CVS now.
I believe each deptartment of first responders gives a speedy response
Little prevalence in crime but police and other first responders are quick to respond.
A lot of family friendly areas . Many beautiful well maintained houses and outside areas
You have access to more man made areas of nature then untouched natural areas
The weather is great . You can go to the beach everyday of the year
There is a wide range of eateries downtown. Lots of different type of foods ranging in price range as well. The night life is fantastic in Belmont shore and the second street area. There is a lot to do for fun around here.
I think theres still room for improvement. Even though I do see more job opportunities arising.
A lot of diversity ! There's something for every person of each background or ethnicity.
The only sense of community I see is either in the more advantageous areas such as belmont shore. In the other areas of town, it seems like the main priority is to make a living for their family. The most inspiring sense of community is at yoga on the Bluff by the ocean.
Long Beach has a great variety of cuisine. It is almost like there was a plane filled with people from all over the world and dropped them off in Long Beach. I think more publicity of this amazing food selection could be beneficial for the local business in Long Beach as well as the city in general.
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There are a good amount of homeless addicts on the street with limited areas for them to go. Food shelters have limited hours and rely mostly on volunteers. After care services are strictly for the privileged, causing many children left unattended, while their parents are working. The police have been in the news frequently for excessive force or involvement with deaths of young people. Parking tickets seem to be the main source of the cities income.