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I like how the neighborhoods are quiet. Its a quick and convient area for my daughters school and daycare. I would like to see more parking spaces to make it easy for residents
housing in this neighborhood is great. there are different types of housing such as condos apartments and housing. the houses have a nice amount of yard and they generally look nice.
this is a friendly Community where people tend to live for long periods of time. this community has On-Site Health Care Police Department and Fire Department. this community supports teens and kids to get them active. the area is a nice friendly clean neighborhood that is quiet and peaceful.
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Police and Fire Department are right in the middle of the neighborhood.
I've lived in this neighborhood before and I think it's a great little neighborhood. It's not wild kids running around and the area is most definitely not dirty. This neighborhood has many clubs, activities, and sports for kids and teens.
Transportation here is okay, we finally have visible markings where pedestrians and bicyclists can walk and ride. There are areas were people get hit and killed crossing the street and it takes months to years for it to be fixed. Traffic is not a huge concern but it is there.
Overall, you have your good areas and your bad. Crime is everywhere and it is only getting worse. The economy is not the best so jobs are not available like they use to be. People want to keep their homes but without a job how can they? The government does not keep their word and the people suffer. Businesses are struggling to stay float. If there is no change in the government, things will not change. If it was up to me, I would not live here I would live somewhere else. Even though my neighborhood is nice and things are okay right now, I would rather live were there is less crime and the communities all over are flourishing. I do not see a better future for my city.
The attractions are usually in our downtown area and there is concerts, shows, plays, museums ad other attractions. We are known for the Kentucky Derby and the Muhammad Ai Museum. We have the huge Yum center where concerts and other things are held and in the same area we have Fourth Street Live. If you want live music, good food and fun visit our downtown area.
There are not that many restaurants in my area. We have the usual Wendy's, McDonald's and other fast food places. If you want to eat somewhere nice with delicious foods you have to travel a long way to get to it. If there is a restaurant in the area it dos not have variety and it is pricey. I would like to be able to go to a closer restaurant in my area were I can try something new instead of the advertised burger and fries.
I do not like the public services because the area where I live is considered a bad area. There are the east end areas, south end areas and there is the west end areas. The west end is considered the bad end. Even though where I live in a nice community, there is crime in the west end areas. For the last couple of years, the crime rate has been on the rise. People of all ages have been killed or wounded and because of the crime rate in certain areas the local tax has went up. Because of the bad apples, everyone has to pay for it, literally. I also believe that representatives, state reps, governors and others do not care about the people, they only want to fill their pockets. They are seen on the television saying that, "I am going to do this...and I am going to fix that..." which means I want your vote so I can take your money and buy "ME" a nice car and house. While the people lose houses, lose their jobs, crime rate increases and jails stay full. I feel they are not helping us at all.
My community is full of nice houses, apartments and townhouses with neat and clean yards. The people here really keep the neighborhood looking good. People here live here for years unless there is financial, economic or other issues that prevent them from staying but otherwise people love it here. It is definitely pet friendly, were you are encouraged to walk and take care of your pet. Our community tries to promote a healthy environment, making sure that we are able to walk down clean streets. There are newsletters that go out that informs us about events in the community like bake sales, barbeques, school info, meetings, etc. My community is a perfect place to live, I hope it only gets better.
I live in a community with well-kept houses, apartments and townhouses. Some of the people here really care about their homes, yard and the look of the neighborhood. If there are any abandoned properties in my neighborhood, they are not visible. The best thing about my community is that there are different property cost here. There are high and low income families here that are able to live in nice houses, townhouses and apartments. If there are any problems, the management sends out letters to everyone letting them know the rules and regulations and expectations and if these are not kept then there is evictions or fines.
The police station is behind the townhouse that my family lives in. We are able to see the police officers enter and leave their station. Even though the police are visible and there, they have not been an active force for my family. My mother's car was vandalized and no one seen a thing. My neighborhood does not have high crime but crime is here whether big or small. I feel that cameras at the police station would have been helpful and better visibility. If they would ride thru the neighborhoods, get to know people and make sure that we know that they are concerned about our safety and that they care.