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I grew up in Park Crossing and I have moved back to raise my family. I couldn’t find another neighborhood in Charlotte that has better curb appeal and friendly neighbors.
I feel I haven't been here long enough to really understand what crime and safety is like in the area. There are definitely areas that I would not go at night because they seem a little sketchy. But there are places that are just fine too.
While Charlotte is very different from where I grew up, I love it here. There is a lot of growth happening in the area and I could see it continue to grow throughout the years. I can see that it is a great place to raise a family, and the cost of living is good. There are a lot of activities to do around the are. I would definitely choose to live here again.
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The sense of community in this area is tremendous. People are very proud of where they live and tend to stay here and live here.
Transportation possibilities are present almost everywhere you go. The quality of transportation is good and the safety is great as well.
People can always be seen outside running, jogging, or taking part in some kid of physical activity. The facilities around this area are great and do an amazing job taking care of people.
There are a few places around this area where you can go to partake in outdoor activity.
There are a variety of types of housing in the area I live in.
I feel very safe in the area I live in, however, there are some areas that aren't the safest of neighborhoods.
The reaction time of police/firemen are terrific. Stations are nearby and easily accessible to everyone.
Weather can be very unpredictable and constantly changing. All around however, the weather is great.
The amount of options a person has to eat at is endless whether you are looking for dine-in places or fast food restaurants.
Most people have the ability to work where they want but it may not be for the salary/wages they desire.
There is plenty of access to everything you might need from grocery stores to gas stations to retail stores.
Its the best in south Charlotte
Everything you need we have.
Southern hospitality permeates every social interaction here.
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Everything you could want to eat we have.
People are freak'n health nuts.
Regular patrols by police and a very good level of maintenance on the roads and utilities.