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The center of urban renewal, ParkAve has been the focal point in drawing the suburban residents back to city living.. so the culture, art, and entertainment is some of the best in all of western New York.
The neighborhood is quiet, friendly and conveniently located to downtown and Wegmans on East Ave. It is also within walking distance to restaurants, cafes and independent retail stores.
A lot of houses are rentals for local college students. These houses are well-maintained. There are also a number of families that have gorgeous homes.
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There is a pretty good sense of community and most people are friendly.
I've never seen or heard any complaints about the neighborhood's safety.
I've lived here for two years and love the area. It's close to a bunch of restaurants and near several local universities.
There is a lot of city crime and not enough programs to give people proper jobs and security.
I am lucky because I live in a very wonderful, diverse and privileged area in the city, where I am exposed to many cultures, but still get to benefit from access to suburban facilities, and well kept public parks and areas. I think where I live, and the areas around it could flourish wonderfully, and grow, if they were only given the chance, the funding, and the support from people with money who could make it happen. "White Flight" has segregated our city, pushed the property values down, thusly lowering tax revenue and indirectly defunding public schools, parks and programs. I would choose to live here again in a heartbeat, and plan to raise my children here. Living here gives you diverse exposure and perspective while discouraging racism, classism and stereotyping.