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In Henderson, The Police department is very visible and quick in their response times.
It is great in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Summer is not the best, too hot.
The police are responsible and for the most part are available the only thing that I am concerned about is trying to limit the amount of vandalism and break ins that occur in some of the neighborhoods.
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Where I live now its great not only is the cost of living cheaper but there are job opportunities everywhere and there is school which is slowly getting better to becoming great.
Plenty of room between neighbors
Our community is very supportive of one another.
Our community is policed well and we live in a very safe community.
Our community has a fabulous support system be it the schools, clubs, organizations, and places of worship.
In a city that can be overwhelming with people my experience has been very "hometown". I know my neighbors and feel part of a tight knit community that cares for each other and watches out for others.
The quality of housing is great. The houses are very nice and kept. The outsides looks put together and clean.
I used to live in a very friendly community. We would have lots of gatherings or parties and there were always friends to be had.
I have always felt safe in Henderson. The police are always visible and doing their job.
I think it is a great place for someone to raise a family as I was raised.
I love living in this city. However, I have not had much contact with public services, nor am I political
It is a desert! Hot, but no real major disasters to worry about, except maybe a lack of water
There is a job market here, but it is not growing as fast as predicted
Restaurants are great in this area, but not alot of bar/nightlife options, but this is more residential and wouldn't want bars and nightclubs here.
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This is a very nice area
There are a few restaurants and grocery stores in this area, but not any big businesses.
We almost never have bad streets because there is constantly construction going on to fix them. The construction leads to traffic issues though. We have a regular issue of accidents though. There are always hoards of people on the roads and crossing the streets, even when they don't have a crossing light, that it is more dangerous for the cars than the people.