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Minnesota weather is a complete guessing game. Most all of the residents in the area are prepared for extreme weather at anytime. It might snow in May and it might thunderstorm in January. If you have a general sense of when the weather is going to change though, central Minnesota can be a wonderful place to live. We experience all seasons; bright colored foliage in the autumn, winters are cold and white, there is a lot of beautiful wildlife that grows in the spring and summers are warm and sunny.
The general atmosphere of the St. Cloud area is great. There is a something to do for everyone, whether you're a young college student, a growing family, or you're just looking for a community that has a little of everything to offer.
Being that St. Cloud is primarily a college town, a variety of nightlife and bar options is necessary. There are several sports bar, dancing clubs, specialty pubs, craft beer dives and upper class lounges for every type of patron.
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Fire and police reaction times in this area depend greatly on the proximity of your location to the Downtown metro area. Being that the city is most active during the school year, with the multiple colleges in the area, the best reaction times are around campus and within the bar and restaurant district during that time. The community is however kept very safe with the cooperation of the surrounding towns law enforcement and the several firehouses in the area.
This area is home to several different job industries, and with such a rich variety of job opportunities, it's hard to think you can't find a career you'll fall in love with. Whether you are looking for a health career, industrial position or you're looking to start your own business, the St. Cloud metro area is the place for you.
St. Cloud is the perfect example of harmony between locally-owned businesses and big name companies. The Granite City is home to a variety of local boutique stores, department stores, chain grocery stores and farmer's markets. When shopping for that perfect item, you certainly won't find any shortage of options in this metro area.