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Panoramic Hill (University Terrace/Claremont Hills) Reviews

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I feel pretty safe in this area. However, there has been an increase in sexual assaults across the south side of berkeley which is unsettling. The police seem unreliable due to the fact that the reports/cases never seem to be solved and that the police are nowhere to be found when these assaults occur
Pretty cool area to live in. The only things that annoy me is the inclined hill that I have to walk up everyday and also Fraternity Row that is on the block.
Where I live is pretty safe compared to the rest.
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More needs to be done about sexual assault
I really like the area. it's beautiful, close to the fire trails, and close to campus
There are restaurants and dishes from every continent and so many different countries that you will always find a restaurant that suites you and best of all, you never get tired of exploring
People are extremely happy and nice in Berkeley -this is a huge sign of how satisfied they are with their lifestyles.
Food is great, there's food from all over the world so you never get bored of eating out -there's always something new to try. There are not a lot of big companies but the ones we have are more than enough for a college student to live super well. If anything, San Fransisco is only 20 min away
Since the area includes a university, most of the houses are for rentals for students. The houses are therefore small and lack lawn or gardens. However, it's easy to look for a vacant house for rental!
I often see police officers, and I know that they are easily accessible. However, we do have a lot of crimes.
I have heard of many crime scenes and there are always warnings about them. However, as a college student, I do have resources to seek out when I need help.
The weather here in North California is beyond amazing. Though the fluctuation in temperatures from morning to evening is pretty bad, overall the sun is just gorgeous.
There are definitely a great variety of restaurants but when you consider taste, I wouldn't say that it's the best you can have.
There are many restaurants that are in need of some help. Moreover, as a college student, I get to work at the campus!
There are plenty of restaurants, although the food isn't the best thing you can find. Also, there are many drugstores, which are just what are needed by college students.
Employment is pretty good, not outstanding though.
They police/fire station do their job well.
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Mostly everything is within walking distance.
I have to travel a little ways to get certain items
Not much crime. I feel fairly safe.