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Panorama City is a very small diversed community. Every where you go, it seems like you are with the people you see almost everyday. The thing about Panorama is that, even though everything is accesible, bad things still do happen almost everyday. I would like for it to change. I would like for the people in the community to still value good manners and to be good to each other. Hurting someone physically, verbally, or mentally does no good and may even further go back to them in the future. I only ought for good things to happen in this community. I want to be able to sleep at night knowing there isn't a helicopter up there roaming around.
I just moved here in Panorama for about almost four months now, this place isn't really gentrified as of today which is quite disappointed. However this place has so much to offer malls are just nearby. Bus waiting time is can be a difficult at times. Since it's always not accurate when it comes to live map.
I grew up in Panorama City and everyone knows each other which is nice and friendly. All though, I live in a busy area of Panorama City which it can be very hectic at varies time of the day. Especially, when it’s around the time when children get out of school.
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I have lived and grown up in Panorama City, California. Growing up I was around a lot of gang violence. At a very young age I was exposed to gang rivalry and constant Police activity. I don't bash on my neighborhood because I have seen it change and begin to evolve into a reputable neighbor hood. Panorama City has a lot to work on starting from the streets to the school system, to providing better and efficient safety for the people of the community. When people as where I grew up, I proudly say I grew up in Panorama City. I believe in second chances and I strongly believe Panorama city will go back to what my grandparents described as a pleasant, quiet, kind neighbor hood.
The streets need to be rid of trash and the many homeless people on the streets are dangerous. There needs to be more security in the area and many more activities for the community. But the streets are more messy than they are dangerous
I like the culture and diversity in this city everyone gets along here. The city is full of nice people many opportunities and fun places that might not seem like much.
Panorama City is a place that is mostly safe when the sun is out. I've lived here for the majority of my life and although I've made many great memories and decisions here, I wouldn't want my children to grow up in this area or any similar area. The police or ambulance sirens are people's alarm clock, the trash everywhere are the streets decorations, and the sketchy-looking places are many people's safe haven.
Panorama city is a nice calm place to live. There are a few places to eat and buy food from that but they are not that different. In the morning around seven am to eight there is a lot of traffic but the rest of the day is traffic is alright. There are a few stores, small stores, where you can buy clothes at an affordable price as well as shoes and make up. There are two supermarkets, A walmart neighborhood market and a Vallarta.
I grew up in Panorama City and have always been active in community as I volunteered for multiple years at my local recreation center. I feel that the city is always spoken down on for no apparent or good reason as it is a safe neighborhood to be in. Whenever I walk my dog I am not going outside worrying about any potential danger as people perceive the city to have. Recently there have been many cosmetic improvements within the city as new stores and apartments have popped up. There are no longer RV vans parked at the park which admittedly makes a huge difference in appearance. There is also a completely new playground giving the park a cleaner look.
It is quite quiet and diverse but the community is not very connected. I have lived here for years and i have grown to call it home.
I've lived here for three years. I'm grateful to have a roof over my head but the area honestly doesn't strike as a "good" place to live. Especially when there are lots of drama in a nearby street.
The neighborhood I live in is safe, calm, and nice. The people are friendly and there are a lot of different cultures.
One major thing I like about Panorama City, that after living in the city for a while people because very friendly. One thing that I dislike is that the community need to be clean and save for kids to play outside.
I live in Panorama city. It's pretty quiet, sometimes there's violence but most of the time it's pretty safe around here. There's a mall nearby, the Panorama Mall, and you can do all sorts of things there. It's a nice place to relax be with your friends.
Gentrifying Panorama City is in the cusp of a massive upturn. There are 2 major live-work commercial areas being developed. PC used to be the place in LA to shop. Houses are post WWII cool. 2-3 bedrooms, nice size yards, quiet. St Genevieve is one of the best Catholic schools in the area. Great Churches nearby like John McCarthurs Grace to you. Lovely curving streets. You can picture it in a few years. Nice, kind neighbors
Relatively calm and secluded besides being close to bigger cities like Van Nuys. Local stores thrive more but there are some big industry companies like Walmart.
I like that the city parks have extra curriculum for lower income families. However, something I would love more to see would be more programs on how to properly recycle items. These items could be from an old wooden bed frame to an old phone.
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Even after living in Panorama City for a few months, I already knew that this was not a place where I would like to reside for the rest of my life. Being in an apartment, there was always loud police sirens and rude people around you. The apartment complex next to my own was home to gang violence, with someone had recently passed due to the horrific actions of others. For any, if you would love a cheap place to live and do not take anything else into account, Panorama is for you. If not, I would recommend otherwise.
Panorama City is the center of the San Fernando Valley in California. Its actually a very small city with a ridiculously over populated amount of residents. My favorite thing about this city is that we have many street vendors that walk by our neighborhoods. I was actually born and raised in the beautiful San Fernando Valley and as a kid, it would look like summer year round. Till this day, I still look forward to finding my favorite street snack vender (Jose) and buying a nice refreshing treat. The only sad and awful downside about this city is the horrible parking situation. There is never any parking in this city and if you do find parking, it will be three blocks away from your destination.
Overall It's an okay neighborhood aside from the constant view of the homeless, drugs, and police officers roaming everywhere. The street I live on is relatively nice compared to other areas.