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I have lived I the neighborhood for six years and can honestly say that I love my surrounding neighbors and the pride they take in caring for their homes. That pride has made the neighborhood look and feel a lot cleaner and safer these past years. Although, it sucks to see some neighbors who would rather go on social media and complain about their neighbors or the neighborhood rather than talk in person and get to know them, which happens a lot nowadays.
It's an old city, but it has a lot of character and it shows.
The one downside of living in Arizona. The politicians are bats**t insane and don't even have a highschool education, which explains why they keep cutting education, when it's the most important thing on any budget.
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Tucson has a unique style of its own, distinct even from the rest of Arizona. It can seem a little funky, but it's full of great vibes, very chill. Very suburban, but in a way that doesn't bother me too much, and I hate suburbs.
Tucson is very hot, but you get used to it really fast. When you do, Tucson is awesome. When it's hot, have a beer on a patio. And don't miss monsoon season when everyday is like an amazing lightshow by the Gods, including rad thunderstorms.
The food/drink/music scene in Tucson is awesome!
most restaurants are good you have to know the place.
there is very little mom and pop shops that last. but the ones that do are great
there are a wide verity of jobs in this area. most people that i know get payed minimum wage or higher