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What I like about Pacoima is the opportunities for kids, parents, etc. they can get involved on many programs and activities with their community.
Pacoima is a pretty ghetto area, but it has its charm. It is not that dangerous, but there is definitely some street violence that happens
Pacoima is a beautiful city filled with diversity. The school system in Pacoima is grown to become a great place to enroll your children with schools such as Pacoima Charter and Vaughn being top schools here in Pacoima.
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I love the area that I've grown up in. It's in the middle of everything which is good if you want to go places you don't have to go very far.
I enjoy living in Pacoima, area is mostly Hispanic populated and feel like I fit in just right. Very convenient with shopping centers near by my house.
Ive been here my whole life. Ive never had anything bad happen to me, but Ive hear others tell me scary stories. Ive hear about a lot of robberies. What I like about my neighborhood is that it has lots of Mexican culture in it. There lots of places that serve good authentic Mexican food. I have seen a change in my community. Lately they been trying to remodel lots of location that are starting to look old. I believe my neighborhood had lots of potential and its full of amazing people with wonderful personalities.
The city is actually known for the amount of violence that occurs in it and it doesn't feel very safe especially if you are a new resident. The schools are very supportive and one of the city highlights. In order to improve the city, financial support in needed to repair sidewalks and a some streets. I also thin that there should be some sort of community clean up in order to keep the city at its best.
Living in Pacoima has been an okay neighborhood considering the roads and pavements are not fixed or have not been fixed. I like enjoying seeing people walk all around the neighborhood seeing friendly neighbors.
I love living in Pacoima, it has a busy atmosphere that does not come off as too loud especially at night. The general area where I live, a middle school is only 2 blocks away from my house and going the opposite direction an elementary school is close by 1 block away. Surrounding my area are food markets and department stores including a handful of fast food restaurants sprinkled in my neighborhood. The community here are very charismatic and kind to everyone.My overall experience living in Pacoima has been a positive one and I love living in my community.
everything is nearby
you can easily find anything you are looking for especially mexican
it is not as dangerous as it used to be
usually neighbors keep to themselves but there are usually parties going on, nothing too crazy though
freeways are closeby, so access is not an issue
almost everyone here speaks spanish so if english is an issue be assured that is not a problem here
It’s a family oriented place with strong sense of community. Lots of opportunities for different kinds of work also
The thing I like about Pacoima is the diversity. In the gated condos I live in, there are people of all races/ethnicities. I have lived in Pacoima since I was sall and the area I live in, I love. Most of my family is nearby and practically everyone knows each other. In my area there are man close stores that I appreciate because it doesn't require me to go out for a long drive. I can simply walk there and feel safe because of all the people that know each other.
Pacoima is an okay city. You have many things within distance therefore there is no need for long travels. Unfortunately there is a lot of gang violence and it just feels unsafe to even walk your streets alone.
I have not only lived in pacoima all my life but i have gone to school and had all of my friends be from pacoima as well. This is a poor neighborhood with, generally, not the best role models and not the safest communities. I received all my k through 12 education here in pacoima and it could receive some help.
I have lived in Pacoima for my entire life, and I have enjoyed my time there. There are many families that live in my neighborhood and they have always been friendly. It is a relatively small city but diversity could be a bit better since the population is mostly latino or hispanic.
Pacoima has a sense of community, neighbors usually help one another so we are kept up to date with what is going on. I wouldn't know if to say it is 100% safe, there is a bullet hole in my mom's mini van, whose muffler was stolen during our first year here, and the glass of the back of the car was broken. Also, you can usually hear cars speeding down streets at night, and it is hard to distinguish if they are bullets or fireworks. On the other hand, there is a lot of culture shown through beautiful murals all around the community, with small family run businesses everywhere.
Pacoima is a small city located north east of the San Fernando valley. I’m born and raised in Pacoima and have probably seen it all by now. Homless everywhere, dirty, I live in the projects. Loud fire and police Sirens roll by my house at almost every night. But I’m used to it. I’ve been living in this area for the past seventeen years and I’m very eager to get out of here already.
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What I personally like about Pacoima is the fact that the schools are not that bad. I also like parks that are around because the parks are safe and some offer free food. The parks in Pacoima offer many activities so the community could come together.
Too over crowded, over priced, and very dirty. Hardly any street parking and traffic is horrible in any direction.
I recently moved to Pacoima, CA in a beautiful town home village. I believe that this city is definitely improving since it had a bad reputation; however, it needs a lot of work. I still here gun shots at night and car racers use the street i live on as a speeding highway.