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PB is known as a college town. But as a wife and mother of 2 young children I believe it also to be a great place for a family. Central location, lots of parks and most things are walking distance.
Describing the community is very hard for me. The residents mostly speak Spanish and I do not. I am an "outsider" in my community; even through I have lived here for the majority of my life. It appears that the people how live here are life time residents. Not much opportunities pass through here. There is a National Orange Show event that takes place every year that brings most residents out. It features music performances and other trade events.
This area is a low income area and the homes reflect that. Both owner occupied and landlords appear to have minimal income to upgrade or maintain properties. I do believe that a lot of property neglect is do to renters that do not care about their area and leave trash on the ground and damage surrounding areas. Sometimes in this area, investors buy poor houses and renovate them and then try to resale them for higher amounts. I don't know if they are successful; the people who live in this area usually can only afford so much. Often times multiple families will share costs by living and sharing one home. My area is not the worst but is not even close to the best.
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In my area I keep to myself and concentrate of being aware of my surroundings. I always lock my doors and have a security system. Within the last year there was a police pursuit in my neighborhood which ended in my yard with a back pack full of guns. The police caught the man and recovered the bag of guns. The police however seem far and few. I believe they are under staffed due to city budget costs.
The neighborhood that I live in is a bit rough; however, it is what our family can afford. The general atmosphere consist of families barely making enough money to cover the bills. Families of four and five live in two bedroom units and often can only afford one car. I live here because it allows our family to cover our bills; however, I would never live here if I had a choice. I hate the fact that I feel unsafe walking the streets and my kids will never be allowed to take a nice walk around the block. A month ago, a two year ago was hit and killed by a car speeding down the street. I love that my kids will have humble beginnings, but compared to other cities I wish I could give my kids a better start. I see the neighborhood to continue declining until wages increase. Cost of living is not compatible to current wages.
The quality of the housing is okay. Its not to bad or too poor, but medium.
Community is very peaceful, and safe. There is not many events but overall a good community.
The crime is not bad here, most of the time I feel safe.
I wish there were more things to do in the area I lived in, such as more activities for both adults and kids.
ive lived here my whole life cant really complain
Not much natural beauty around San Bernardino. It is mostly city; a city that is not very fond of preserving natural habitats.
Public services in our city are rather confused and disorganized.
My car was stolen from right in front of my house two weeks ago. There are gun shots and police sirens every night. There are many drug dealers and gang members that live in my area. I would be lying if I said I feel safe in my neighborhood.
Weather is great most of the time. It does get rather hot in the summer and our valley is and has been going through a drought for many years. Also, we live right on the San Andreas Fault which is due for a large earthquake soon. Kind of scary.
Food and drink is so-so in San Bernardino. There are a mix of good and bad restaurants.
Most people in my area do not have jobs and rely on government funding and support to make it by.
There are not very many local businesses and the ones that are here are not even worth supporting.