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The empoyment in this area is highly competative. Being that Glendale is the home to two malls it is the first place that people tend to run to when searching for employment oppurtunities.
The city of Glendale's local businesses have lots of variety for people coming from all waks of life. They have plenty of the modern retail stores through their main shopping attractions like the Glendale Galleria and the American on Brand. They have everything you need from fine foods, shoes, to top end theatre entertainment.
The quality of housing is not very high compared to its cost. It is a very expensive place to live because of its location, which means there aren't a lot of available places to rent, and the demand means home-owners don't have to try very hard to make the places look great.
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In the city itself there arent any national parks but there are a few in surrounding areas. Pollution could be worse. There are plenty of public parks of great history including Brand and Verdugo Park, funded by these historically famous families.
I feel safe in this area. I don't see a prevalence of crime. Police are a common sight, and most crimes aren't of a vicious nature.
Los Angeles weather in general is known to be very nice. Glendale is in the valley, making it one of the hottest places in the summer. Droughts are ongoing, and fires are frequent. We are also located on a fault line, so earthquakes are expected but we have not had any big ones in a while. Winters aren't too cold, and most people dress light throughout the year.
The food diversity is excellent, but most places close at a decent time- by 10 pm if not earlier. There are big name restaurants as well as mom-and-pop places that have gained notoriety. But the nightlife here is lacking. Many people go elsewhere for drinks and clubs.
Typical jobs can be found here- teachers, managers, electricians, business owners, nurses, etc. Those who want to make it big in industries usually go downtown to LA, Burbank for media, or other neighboring areas. Though there are lots of businesses, this area in particular is more of a suburb. Most jobs like lawyers and accountants drive elsewhere for work.
I have never really had a problem shopping in this area. Theres an incredible variety of stores in including mom-and-pop shops and the diversity in culture enables a wide array of ethnic shops. Even with the proliferation of big business (including the recent addition of the Americana, a near copy of the Grove in LA), mom-and-pop shops survive because of the uniqueness of their goods. In this area, theres a place for popular goods and rare goods, and every niche is provided for.