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I love living in PB! There's always so much going on! However, it can be loud at times and there's always traffic, especially on beautiful days!
This area is full of life; Beautiful beaches along the coast, and scenic paths on the beach. A lot of places to hang out for a drink or for a bite with some friends.
Beautiful people and environment to be around. Lots of fun things to do from going to the beach, riding bikes, or enjoying awesome food!
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I love Pacific beach because it is filled with active people which motivates me to live an active lifestyle whether it is surfing, yoga, running on the beach, rollerblading, paddle boarding, or riding a bike. The night life is great as there are bars throughout the neighborhood. PB can definitely get unsafe late at night (mostly from drunk people fights) but during the day it is safe.
Best place to live! Many activities, good food, relaxing people. Never had problems here. It’s expensive to live in but worth it
Good dining from cheap to upscale. great beach scene with surfing and swimming and hanging out. Also excellent walking, running and biking paths.
I love living near the beach! There are tons of outdoor activities and dog parks in the area but I would love to see less homeless in the area.
Healthy neighborhood and community. Quick Beach access. Phenomenal night life. Great happy hours, gorgeous sunsets
Pacific Beach is the perfect party spot for young adults in San Diego. Nestled in between Mission Beach a touristic area, and the tranquil shores of La Jolla- PB offers the perfect mix of entertainment and relaxation. There are a lot of neat shops and restaurants to hang out in during the day. At night expect to see a lot of college kids out at the bars. There is a good majority of young working professionals as well but for the most part this area is known to be fratty at night. If you are a college student looking for a cool place to hang out PB is the spot for you. Its also good for students on a budget as it's not as expensive as nightlife in downtown San Diego and often you can get into bars without paying a cover charge. The one downside is its SUPER fratty. If your not into a bunch of college dudes chugging beer and raging at odd hours of the night PB probably isn't for you.
Lots of family friendly parks. Beautiful bay with wide path for runners and strollers. Variety of cuisines available and a bustling nightlife. We love living here!
Pacific Beach is your classic beach town. There is a diverse community of people living here, working here and visiting here. The bar area is very vibrant but can be mostly a younger crowd getting ready to graduate college and move onwards. However, the nightlife is the beginning of the appeal of Pacific Beach. The beaches are beautiful, the pier accentuates the beauty and the cliffs of tourmaline beach really add to the scenery. Active and healthy people tend to migrate here and the overall feel is one of happiness and health.
I loved how many different types of food options Pacific Beach had. You can get any type of food you imagine (Sushi, burgers , seafood, asian, Mexican, Mediterranean etc) within a 15 minute walking radius. The neighborhood is very cute and friendly with other types of beachy shops nearby. The beach has many activities to offer (biking, roller blading, surfing etc) along the 13 mile span along the shore. The beach age is generally young and families. There are a LOT of cool bars that party through the night (21+).
Pacific Beach is a beautiful neighborhood in San Diego, California. It has a very friendly environment with people always walking the streets (most of them with dogs), and often in shorts and sandals. The surf is always nice, weather is usually beautiful, and the sunsets are unbelievable. It's an amazing place to live and a great place to raise a family.
I believe this is a beautiful area and has great people. The scenery is amazing and it is complimented by the beach and kind people.
The reason I love Pacific Beach is because of the diversity. There are cultures from every kind that both reside and visit here. Two branches of our very own United States military have bases near. I have found it inspiring to get outside with the beautiful ocean aligning the beaches, and the cloudless skies most days. Overall I have grown to become a happier individual in my early adulthood!
Pacific Beach is the perfect combination of fun and sun. The beach in Pacific Beach has lots of different activities for locals to be apart of, whether it be playing a game of beach volleyball or attending a yoga session. In addition to the great beach, Pacific Beach has such fun restaurants and boutiques! There are plenty of bars for younger crowds, as well as family restaurants for parents with small children. Although Pacific Beach is primarily inhabited by people in their 20s and 30s, there's something for everyone here!
Pacific beach is an amazing town in San Diego. Tons of outdoor activities makes it hard to stay indoors. With hikes, rock climbing, surfing, biking, boating, swimming you are sure to become fit and lick a lovely life.
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Pacific Beach is a gorgeous beach neighborhood in San Diego with many businesses, community clubs, and things to do! However, it is highly populated and there are a few homeless people here and there. If I could see anything change it would be the amount of "summer rental homes" within the community. We should have neighbors not neighborhoods full of tourists.
Pacific Beach maintains the beach community feel, with all the amenities of city living. It's a great place for anyone who enjoys having an active lifestyle, as the boardwalk is always full of joggers, skaters and bikers soaking up the Southern California sun! Pacific Beach has great dining and shopping options as well as a popular night life scene.
There are many cases of larson nearby and many older homes are unkempt.