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It's a chill and very diverse town. It is quiet most of the time and not much really happens here. There really isn't much to do but the food options are good. The A train line is extremely convenient and many different buses coming from all over make stops here. Also, some pretty good schools are in the area which are good for students.
A diverse town in queens, NY. Sometimes you want to pick up and move. Other times you love to live here. Everything is available within blocks of your house. Mostly everything is open late. There are still good people in the neighborhood.
Ozone Park is a great location that makes it easy to travel to other boroughs or counties like Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. New schools and new house s are constantly being built which seems to even further improve the neighborhood. There are restaurants, supermarkets and even department stores all over for your shopping needs. There was a new mall built in a neighboring city, so there isn't material goods that would be unaccessible to this area. I would however, like to see increased diversity in the types of food available in this area. There are not many fast food restaurants nor many Caribbean restaurants. However, I have not been living in Ozone Park for many years, so there is a lot that I don't know about Ozone Park. From what I do know, Ozone Park is a very nice, calm, family oriented city that displays the diversity in people and cultures that New Yorkers love.
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Safe neighborhood!! Friendly people!!! It's always lively in this neighborhood!!!! Lots of elementary, middle and high school!!! People are very social in this area.
Ozone Park is a family friendly, working community of mostly private homes and small apartments buildings. It is an ethnically diverse neighborhood with residents hailing from Latin America, South Asia, the West Indies, and South America joining the large Italian-American and Polish-American populations within the last century. Small, family-run businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, and clothing stores bring a varied selection of rich aromas, vibrant fabrics, and hard to find specialty products. Ozone Park is a safe community that gives you all of the perks of a suburban neighborhood with quick access to Manhattan, Long island, and the other outer boroughs via transit and highway access. Great place to live and raise a family.
Mostly families live in this area. The public schools tend to be close to where most of these families live. The crime rate is low, but most people are not out and about at night. The public parks are always filled with kids during the summer and after school as well. Overall, it is a nice neighborhood to live in.
I love the fact that local store are close to home. People are very friendly and the train allows you to get around the area very quickly.
a lot of green spaces like parks to take your kids. many homes available for anyone who is looking for a house to own or rent. many diverse foods for any foodies. many schools for kids all level schools from pre-k to high school all located in a 15 block radius. very quiet, not many crimes and very close to JFK.
It is a very quiet place. There is everything you need (pharmacy, shops, schools, metro...) at at most 10 minutes walk.
Everyone is friendly. There are many stores to shop and restaurants to eat at. Many of the grocery stores are opened 24 hours which is very convenient for people that come home very late. The train station is in a very busy neighborhood and there are many different bus stops.
I have lived in Ozone Park for all my life. There is an easy commute to Manhattan from here since the A train is easily available.
I have loved in Ozone Park since I was 6 years old and I have never had many complaints about living there. As I have gotten older I have seen my mother struggle to play for apartments in Ozone Park and that would be my only complaint, but the area is very diverse and has an variety of place to eat and shop depending on your interest.
Ozone park is a place for Asian people, mostly Bangladeshi. There are many groceries, super market, pharmacies and all different stores. People are great and respectful to each other.
The neighborhood itself is pretty decent. You have local stores/markets so you don't really have to worry about travelling to get goods. The environment isn't the most clean but its definetley not the worst either. As for the people, they're also friendly. I would consider it a pretty safe area.
I have lived here for almost 10 years. What I would like to see improved are the buildings in the area, because some of them look like they are not being maintained. Along with this, there are barely any street lights. A lack of streetlights makes walking around at night scarier than it already is! Despite this, Ozone Park is home to a diverse population of warm and friendly people. Local businesses are commonly family businesses, so everywhere you go feels like home.
Everyone is very friendly here. I've lived here for about 10+ years. Everyone is friendly and very welcoming. The neighborhood is also very diverse. There are parks to play or just hangout. The food places are also very good and very diverse.
Very quiet neighborhood feels very safe most people are friendly has a few good spots to eat has a great public school and to my knowledge isn't too expensive have been living here for 10 years
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The Ozone Park neighborhood is quiet and peaceful! There are many ways of transportation like buses or the A train. It would be nice to have a train that takes you to Astoria or other parts of Queens... The neighbors are very friendly and kind, there are a bunch of stores around here as well. It would be nice to have another nice mall not only Marshall's... In rest, I think pretty much every person who lives in Ozone Park loves the neigbourhood!
Delightful welcoming and very diverse higher middle class. High property value growing economy new development, high income residents
I've lived in Ozone Park almost all my life. I like that everything you need is walking distance, supermarket, laundry, MTA, Post office etc.