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My neighborhood has a sign that says it is under neighborhood watch but I do not see police out often. I see them every now and then but never frequently. I have only seen one sign of suspicious activity before and once the police was called they came right away.
I love this neighborhood! It is very quite, chill, and laid back. Everyone kind of stays to themselves but at the same time people are friendly and will speak to you. Not many kids live in this neighborhood which is a plus for me compared to my old neighborhood. It is also very clean and very well kept up also.
There is no crime going on
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Its a very good community to stay in
This city is always on the show "First 48."
I would choose to live there if I could do it all over. This area isn't so bad once you get use to it. In the future I see this area getting better.
The local business are very nice. We have store that range from nice eateries, main retail giants such as walmart and sams.