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I would like to see that less trash around the neighborhood. What I like about Oxford Circle is that there is a lot of stores, which makes the stores more accessible.
The demographics have sharply changed in the last 15 years. Five to ten years back I was experiencing a persistent problem with various car stereos (I recall 3) being stolen, and my car back windshield was shattered twice. But that has died down in the last 5 years. A major problem is for me is parking availability. I also wouldn't recommend the local neighborhood elementary school.
I believe the crime and safety in my current area is much better than where I used to live.
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The crime & safety should get a little better.
Its getting better for me now that I just started college also just got a job. Things are getting better but most of waking up everyday to see my daughter is what I enjoy the most.
The houses are fine despite their age. There are no major issues but they are definitely not top-class. They could use some renovations and renewal in the future, but right now it isn't very serious.
It's a good city area but it does have its bumps and cracks, but most places have some amount of problems, and it could be worse. It's a good nice neighborhood despite its appearance.
The area isn't as violent as other areas in Philadelphia and is relatively safe. The police are sometimes seen driving around but there haven't been any major crimes nearby for a long time.
It's a nice area to live in as long as you don't mind the noise and the litter everywhere. It's relaxing despite being part of the city and the Septa buses make it easier to travel when you have to go places that are farther away.
During my time in this area, I have been on the fence. Some days are better than others. Ultimately, I don't see many things progressing despite more businesses being established and being that efforts have been made to improve the overall quality of life in the area.
The crime rates in my community are fairly low compared to other communities within my state.
My overall experience in my neighborhood has been good. Its better than surrounding areas and there are less crime rates than other areas and more job oppertunities within my area.
It's generally safe during the day
This is my first and only home as of right now. I don't know any better, but it's okay for me.
The crime rates in my neighborhood use to be very low but now the crime rates in my neighborhood ate starting to go up and you'll hear stories here and there about something bad happening but the police are very visible so if you are to call the police they would respond rather quickly I would hope.
No I would not choose to live here if I had the choice because I just don't like the environment and there isn't much to do in this city so if I had a choice I would choose to live on the west coast.
Some people don't care for the cleanness of the community
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There's many inappropriate things occurring in my area and the police do nothing to stop it.
There should be more children playgrounds and schools.
It's an okay area to live. There isn't a lot of things that go wrong or are disruptive to daily life. It's fairly quiet here.