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Although it has become more gentrified over the years, Overlook has always been a pocket of middle- to upper-class folks living in small bubble in North Portland.
Crime has def been on the rise lately
Used to be great until gentrification kicked in to high gear
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My neighborhood is gentrifying. I think the rent will rise to meet the rent of newer complexes that are being built nearby. I like that I can walk a block to public transportation and some of the nicer neighborhoods. The freeway is easily accessible which also means you can hear it and all it's glory! Overall it's a good location.
There are a plethora of small businesses in the North Portland quadrant of the city. No more than two miles in each direction, lie Portland Community College, small business strip-Mississippi Ave, and Alberta Art district. The yellow MAX, street train, runs through Interstate, making access from North Portland to the City Center quick and easy.

Mississippi Ave has plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, and small boutiques to choose from. It also has several specialty stores- food truck pods, herbal shop, used book store, vinyl record store, tea house, coffee shop, and list keeps going. Mississippi Ave also hosts a farmers market during the summer.

Alberta St arts district is very similar in atmosphere and business as Mississippi Ave, with the extra sewing and kitting shops.

Overall, the North Portland area of the city is very easy to access and hardly requires a resident to step out of its gravitational pull for the daily needs.
Portland's job market is notorious. I think the situation in North Portland is worse than other areas of the city.
I don't drink alcohol, so I can't speak to the drinking scene. But there are a good number of restaurants close by, with a range of types of cuisine and price levels. When you factor in the food carts, both ranges increase.
There are a lot of interesting stores and restaurants within easy walking distance. The Mississippi Arts District is close by, with a good number of unique shops, food carts, and other destinations. In terms of grocery stores, there's the Alberta Food Co-op, New Seasons, and Fred Meyer all nearby. However, I do miss being close to a big bookstore or game store.