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the bellevue/redmond area is a great place to live with lots of access to important things like green spaces, entertainment, and services. it is however lacking in meaningful / healthy places for people under 21 to spend time, and the deforestation of this area in the name of real estate is depressing to say the least (ie. snoqualmie, issaquah). Better (faster, cheaper, more accessible/useful) public transportation is required.
There are many opportunities for youths to be active. There are multiple hospitals in the area that are very nice visually.
The houses are nice and have yards. They are a bit expensive because of their close location to Microsoft.
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There are fairly few crimes but many police to make the area feel extra safe.
Though it is often overcast, we do not mind the rain very much.
There are a lot of chain restaurants that do not come to this area.
We have big employers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft but you cannot get a job if you are under 16 or sometimes 18.
I can get everything I need in this location with both local and big companies. There is not a large variety of clothing and food stores but there is some variety.