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Good neighborhood to raise a family, minus occasional nonsense. Unfortunately some of the opiod abuser have made there way into the neighborhoods and drive their cars over by the park and utilize that space. Disturbing that the kids have to see this.
Very nice area. Tree lined streets. I can send my kids out to play and not worry about them being hit by a car or worse. Neighbors speak and aren’t to busy to hold mini conversations.
Overbrook is a good diverse neighborhood. The biggest problem is the youth and boredom. The homes are nice and it's a good place to raise a family. The majority of the residents are hard working middle class families.

It is close to suburban areas, public transportation and major highways, which makes this an ideal location.
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I have grown up in the Overbrook area. While the neighborhood has changed in many ways, I do feel as though my area is a great place to live compared to other surrounding areas. I would like to see my community remain safe, clean and organized. If neighbors work together, we will be able to accomplish this goal.
I've been living in this neighborhood for the last 17 years from a child into an adult, and it has been a really good experience. It is a residential area, so there isn't much to do for fun. There are really nice houses and scenery around, not a lot of troublemakers in the neighborhood the streets are clean, and the neighbors have been really nice to each other.
I live in overbrook this area has lots of shopping centers and every transportation in your area to get where you need to go. I love the environment it is very quite and everyone is very friendly.
Overbrook is a neighborhood that doesn't have adequate schools. Overbrook high school in this neighborhood has students cutting class whenever they want to, old fashioned ways of teaching, and the good status of the high school has depleted over recent years.
Just need to slow down on the guns need more help fixing houses and putting more people into school. Also get better jobs and more scholarships
To many bad people are trying to hurt people
Ty trying to get more people together
Philadelphia Police do a great job in trying to keep the area safe. I personally have never needed to call 911. I do wish there was a non-emergency line and I wish they would work on the traffic and parking but there are bigger issues spread out across the district. The campus police in the area have been helpful.
This area is on a college campus which has its pros and cons. During the school year, its a relatively safe area. There is minimal parking, and the landlords can be slumlords due to renting out to many college students. When school is in session it is often loud, and there can be non-stop noise as well as trash all over. I would not choose to live here again.
There were times when Overbook park used to be the safest place to come in West Philadelphia. However, things have changed dramatically and it's not acceptable to the innocent civilians living in this community.
My experience living in Overbrook park is generally dull. The crime is getting worse and the safety is starting to decrease as time moves along. I think this area is currently okay at this point, but I think if the people of this community don't take a stand then the society will slowly, but shortly fall in the future.
This area isn't the worst area to live in. Every now and then there may be an argument or a small fight that breaks out, but it is usually quickly resolved. The people are fairly friendly, they tend to greet each other around here. The yards are a mix of jungles, gardens and pity.
Police always arrives on time and there are not much of crimes ongoing.
Quite area and there's lots of churches next to the house.
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It's an okay area to live in. It's not very dangerous and everyone tends to greet each other.
I feel safe in my area. As with any area crime is everywhere. The residents in the area definitely look out for each other and as well as their property
it is a nice area to live. I have lived in this area since birth a there are numerous children around to play with as well as grow with