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The weather is nice, foggy and partly cloudy, on most days with a sunny day once in a while. There is a great transportation system and you can get anywhere with MUNI
The outer sunset is a residential neighborhood perfect for families, students, and visitors. The outer sunset is quiet and safe enough for parents to raise their children. It is decked with delicious restaurants along Judah and Taraval for residents and visitors alike. With Ocean Beach lined up against the west end of the Sunset and internationally known Golden Gate Park on the northern end, the Outer Sunset provides just enough quiet and adventure for visitors and residents.
I LOVE the Outer Sunset. It's still within San Francisco, but it doesn't feel like a huge anonymous city. It feels like a neighborhood with hidden treasures of coffee shops and galleries, and being able to walk to the beach, and people greet you on the street, and the sunsets are beautiful, but so is the fog... It's just wonderful out here. I love it so much.
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I overall enjoy the area that I live in because it is convenient as well as close to the beach and many restaurants.
I feel generally safe around my area. There is not much to fear if you exude common sense.
It's super convenient because I have many resources around me.
Rarely anything bad happens in this neighborhood. I honestly haven't had any bad experiences, even late at night since it's a residential area.
I enjoy living in my neighborhood. I have access to the park, the beach, public transportation, great weather, and it's walking distance from grocery stores and other places.
I'm not saying the following simply because I am a native but this city is so diverse and full of fun things to do. Within 5 minutes the environment and mood of a neighborhood will be completely different (in a good way). So much culture yet all packed together.
In the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco, there is not much crime to be heard of. No one is particularly rich, so there is nothing to steal, and no reason to breaking into homes or steal.
One of my major concerns about this area is all of the gentrification that is taking place. There are a lot of young people working in the Silicon Valley who are moving in and forcing out the locals who are not able to afford the ever increasing rent.
There are not many visible crimes. It feels safe at night.
my overall experience is good. everything I require is within a five mile radius. There are many shops in my neighborhood. there is a laundrymat, a liquor store, a trendy coffee shop, a seven eleven. The people here are nice.
The area itself is great, the over-crowded neighborhoods and schools, plus the inflated housing prices are awful.
Street is clean. Neighborhoods are friendly, kind.
There are a few problem locations, okay usually.
Rent is very expensive, and space is nonexistent.
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People generally keep to themselves.
It's usually overcast and windy.
The food in this area is amazing.